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  1. talenea88

    Grand Canyon University

    Hey! I would love to apply to both but ASU doesn't not accept the last semester of pre-reqs that GCU requires. And the only way I'd go to gcu and be accepted for their scholarships if I finish their pre-reqs in the spring 2011. This would all postpone me applying for ASUs nursing so I can take their pre-reqs. So I'm confused on what to do
  2. talenea88

    Grand Canyon University

    Hey AkAtHrt! Thank you for your response! I am aware of the policy changes and from what I know, they dont effect me. I have 1 semester of pre-reqs left and I can choose whether to finish GCUs pre-reqs or ASUs pre-reqs considering they are a bit different. My heart is set on ASU, but Im not sure if I will get it. If I got all As finishing up my ASU pre-reqs, my "select GPA" would be a 4.0. I have not taken the TEAS test yet. The reason why I'm open to GCU is because they offered me $9,000 in scholarships per year. This makes the cost about the same as ASU. I'm just worried that all they care about is taking my money. They also have already screwed up my spring schedule and its making it difficult for my current job. All the reviews I've read about GCU say how unorganized they are and all they and that their systems suck (like angel). I believe all of that considering my experience with them so far. (It takes me atleast 4 attempts to log in to their system just to check my financial aid status and classes!!) So, as you can see, I'm very annoyed and indecisive! I wish someoe can make the decision for me! lol
  3. talenea88

    Grand Canyon University

    Hey everyone! I'm going nuts contemplating between ASU or GCU! I don't know which one is more worth my time! I would be going straight in for my BSN. Does anyone have any opinions on either schools and any advice for me? Thank you! :)
  4. talenea88

    ASU Summer of 2011 applicants!

    How competitive has ASU become? I've been going back and forth between ASU and GCU! For ASU, I have a select GPA of 4.0 but havent taken my TEAS test yet! I completed my pre-reqs at a community college. But anyways, I'm just curious if anyone here knows what my chances are of getting into ASUs nursing program! :/ Thank you!
  5. talenea88

    GCU admission stats

    Congratulations!! I want to apply next semester for the summer fast track! How was the admission process? If you dont mind me asking, what was the average GPA they were admitting? And also, do they look at just you pre-req GPA or cummaltive GPA? Any advice you can send my way, I will be very greatful for! Thank you! :) (If you want to email me, tavedissian@yahoo.com)
  6. talenea88

    GCU or ASU??

    Hey! I'm trying to decide whether to apply to ASU or GCU! I want to spend my time and money where its more worth it! Does anyone know the average GPA for both? And also, besides tution costs, which school is better? Thank you for any advice! :)