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Has anyone been through the BSN nursing program at GCU? If things work out, I am hoping to start there in January. Thanks for any input!!... Read More

  1. by   inspiredRN10
    I am interested in GCU fast track options. I will have my bachelors (sociology) from ASU this May. When are the application due dates, and start dates? And is there a list of pre reqs online? Just trying to get this whole process started. I was planning on attending ASU's 2nd degree program, but apparently, it is not happening now…So I'd love to get some more info on GCU...
  2. by   AZblondie
    inspiredRN10 - The application deadlines are January 15, May 15 and September 15. Here is a link to the prereq requirements:

    I highly recommend contacting the enrollment advisor right away. There is a lot to get done prior to application. You'll need to take your TEAS, get a background check and start the fingerprint process just to name a few. Good luck to you and let us know if you decide to apply!!
  3. by   AngelRN2b
    Is there anyone applying for the summer fast track At GCU? I'm trying to get into the programm, but I need to pass that TEAS V test. Somehow, I'm really anxious about all this nursing thing since english is my second language... any insigh will help.
  4. by   valadeybug
    I completely agree with you. I hate the MSN teachers because they are not all that educated and they act like they have something to prove so they make the courses impossibly hard. This school has a community college vibe but costs ten times more. I have been struggling with the financial aid department and am not happy at all with how they have been handing things...
  5. by   silentRN
    i have two friends that graduated with GCU from their program here in Tucson, and they didn't have any complaints, and they are great nurses 3 years later. The truth is, nursing school requires a lot out of you no matter where you go. You just gotta pay your dues and then the real learning takes place after you graduate.
  6. by   smilinjen
    Hi Angel,

    I'm applying for GCU's accelerated program for Summer 2011. I'm also applying for ASU's accelerated program that also starts in May 2011. I figure it can't hurt to try both and at least that way I'm pretty sure I'll get into at least one! I think GCU has 3-4 different campuses for fast track Summer 2011, which is pretty nice. I just wish they'd have a night and weekend accelerated summer program! Apparently they only do that in the Spring and Fall (and I think it's traditional).

    Good luck! I still have to take the TEAS too! Yuck!

  7. by   inspiredRN10
    How long are the fast track programs? As in, if I applied in May and got in for the fall, is the program 16 months?
  8. by   jlwvip
    no the program is 20 months
  9. by   inspiredRN10
    Yes I finally went in and talked with an advisor! Haha! Looks like I am all set though! I am the program very competitive? I guess I can't get too excited until I know how good my chances are!
  10. by   jlwvip
    They have many campuses now, Tuscon, Mesa, Scottsdale and Glendale. So I think getting in will be easier
  11. by   silentRN
    They have a high NCLEX pass rate. Only 1 failed this last semester. You can look at AZBN.GOV and look at the NCLEX pass rates by schools.
  12. by   inspiredRN10
    Ya they have a campus right by my house, which helped me decide that is where I want to go. Well I am excited now to finally start!
  13. by   AkAtHrt
    Hi All! This is my first post and of course I accidentally erased everything I had previously written! There goes 1/2 hour+ of typing on my phone! Anywhoo I have come across some wonderful posts and have found a lot of helpful info. So thank you everyone
    I have a few ques. about the accelerated GCU BSN program.

    1. Since I already have a degree, what exactly are the pre-reqs? I have seen the general pre-req. info. page but I have learned that certain courses are waived?

    2. Someone said Jan. May and Sept. were the app. Deadlines. If I apply in Jan.Could I start as soon as May? What is their application process/requirements?

    3. Where are the campuses in Mesa or Scottsdale? I didn't know they had campuses in those areas?

    4. I have to petition 3 classes plus still take all three HCR 210-230 courses for the ASU 16 mnth. May 2011 program. If the committee rejects one class my GPA drops from a 3.91 to 3.86 because of a bad math grade so since the competition is so high I have been stressing out as to what I should do? I'm on the waiting list with Maricopa (2+ years) but attaining my BSN in a shorter amount of time is more desirable. Neither campus locations for ASU or GCU are desirable since I live in east valley but I will do what I need to do of course to get my BSN. My goal is NP and/or Naturopathic Med. School
    I appreciate any feedback. I will discuss my situation with an advisor but was hoping anyone could share some info. and assist me with formulating another plan! Thank you