FSCJ Fall 2017

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am starting this thread for the nursing applicants for the fall 2017 RN program. This is a great way for us to network and keep helpful information to help our fellow students. I have also created a page on facebook, just search

    FSCJ Nursing C/O 2018 (Fall 2017 applicants)

    Join the page and lets get ready for our most stressful time of our lives
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  3. by   J.Molina
    Hi there! I also plan on applying to the fall of 2017. Was supposed to apply to summer 17 but fell off my path there for a while (changed major, completely wrong decision!!). I have all my prerequisites completed, just need to take the hesi.
  4. by   K.chandler
    Thank you for creating this thread! I am finishing micro and A&P II right now and plan to apply for Fall!
  5. by   hofmca
    Hello, I am so glad to see that someone started a thread for fall 2017.
    My plan, although plans aren't always for sure, is to apply for the fscj fall 2017 nursing program. So heres the thing, I took the HESI A2 admission assessment and got a 62%, im sure you all know that a 75% is required to be considered for admission. Heres my problem, I don't know how to study for this exam because it is such a broad range of questions and theres no one certain book for the test. I am in micro which is my last prereq and this ends may 5th 2017. My plan is to retake the HESI and hope to pass this time because if I don't, I will not be allowed to take the HESI again for a year and that terrifies me. Does anyone have any tips or anything that helped them pass the NEW UPDATED version of the HESI A2?
  6. by   J.Molina
    Took the Hesi today and received a score well over what I was expecting.

    @hofmca, I would suggest buying the Hesi Admissions book by Elsevier. I studied the math and biology portion mostly. For the anatomy part, i used quizlet.com (type 'hesi anatomy' in the search bar). If possible, I would also suggest buying the hesi pocket prep app if you have the iphone or android. Good luck!
  7. by   hofmca
    @J.Molina I just bought the HESI pocket prep app last night for $14.99. Do you feel like it helped you? And I also have "HESI admission assessment exam review edition four" I haven't studied that a whole lot because I feel like it doesn't cover a lot of material. I am struggling a lot with the math and the sciences. Any tips for that? Thank you and congratulations!!!!
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  8. by   J.Molina
    I studied the math and biology portion with the book, the app is very good. I learn well through practice questions so it definitely helped me.
  9. by   rleah
    I applied yesterday. My transcripts were finaly in from my current school (talk about last minute)! I have awesome Hesi scores and I am maxed out on work experience. However my grades are mostly B's. So I am nervous!
  10. by   ADyal
    I applied for the RN program - Fall 2017.
    Below are my grades and points:

    Prerequisites -

    Three credit hour classes:
    * A - ENC1101
    * B - MAC1105
    * A - PSY1012
    * A - CHM1020
    * A - HUM
    * A - DEP2004
    Total Points: 69

    Four credit hour classes:
    * A - BSC2085C
    * B - BSC2086C
    * A - MCB2010C
    Total Points: 44

    To calculate prerequisites:
    A = 4
    B = 3

    Take the credit hours of that class and multiply it by the grade.
    For example: BSC2085C x Credit Hours (4x4 = 16 points)

    HESI A2:
    * 84% - Anatomy (84/4)(1.2) = 25.2 points
    * 88% - Biology (88/4)(1.2) = 26.4 points
    * 90% - Math (90/4)(1.2) = 27.0 points
    * 90% - Reading (90/4)(1.2) = 27.0 points
    Total Points - 105.6

    Degree Points:
    Bachelor's - 8 additional points

    Total Points:
    113 - Prerequisites
    105.6 - Hesi
    8 - Degree

    226.6 - Final Total
    P.S. I heard you received two additional points for BLS but I have not been able to verify this.
    Good luck to everyone who has applied! The waiting now begins
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  11. by   J.Molina
    You get 2 points for BLS and 15 for 3.5+ gpa, 13 for 3.0-3.49, 7 for 2.5-2.99 and 1 for 2.0-2.49
  12. by   ADyal

    Ok, thanks for letting me know. That puts me around 244.6 total points.

  13. by   ADyal
    Rleah, CNA

    Have you received an email informing you that your application is under review? I applied on the 15th as well and have not received an email stating they are reviewing the application. Several other applicant's have already received this email.

  14. by   rleah
    I have not. I am wondering who to call.