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  1. FSCJ Fall 2018

    You have to take the seven subjects subjects; math, reading, grammar, vocab, a&p, chemistry, and biology however the only four they require a 75% for is the math, reading, grammar, and vocab. I was told to try to do well on the a&p section as...
  2. FSCJ Fall 2018

    Does anyone know what the cutoff number has been in the past few semesters? just trying to compare to see my chances of getting in for the fall.
  3. 1/5/2018 HESI A2!!

    Hey y'all, just wanted to update y'all. I cancelled my appointment to take the HESI on feb 5th. I am just not ready and not feeling confident at all. I am upset because I know the longer I wait the longer I am prolonging getting into nursing school b...
  4. 1/5/2018 HESI A2!!

    From what I can remember of the math, there are a lot of fractions and proportions, I also had a few word problems. Also brush up on metric to English conversions and there are a few algebra problems. I am terrible at simple math which is my downfall...
  5. 1/5/2018 HESI A2!!

    Hello! I have taken the HESI a2 twice and failed it both times. The curriculum has changed both times that I have taken it. My school now requires a 75% in math, reading, vocab, and grammar. I have failed the math portion both times but have passed t...
  6. 1/5/2018 HESI A2!!

    I am also taking my exam on 2-5. The closer it gets the more uneasy and unprepared I feel. My school requires a 75% on math, grammar, reading and vocabulary. I have failed the HESI twice but the curriculum has changed both times that I have taken it ...
  7. FSCJ Fall 2017

    @J.Molina I just bought the HESI pocket prep app last night for $14.99. Do you feel like it helped you? And I also have "HESI admission assessment exam review edition four" I haven't studied that a whole lot because I feel like it doesn't cover a lot...
  8. FSCJ Fall 2017

    Hello, I am so glad to see that someone started a thread for fall 2017. My plan, although plans aren't always for sure, is to apply for the fscj fall 2017 nursing program. So heres the thing, I took the HESI A2 admission assessment and got a 62%, im ...