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  1. FSCJ Fall 2017

    Hello everyone, I am starting this thread for the nursing applicants for the fall 2017 RN program. This is a great way for us to network and keep helpful information to help our fellow students. I have also created a page on facebook, just search FSC...
  2. FSCJ Summer 2017 Hopefuls

    Hey for everyone that didnt make it for summer term I have created a facebook page for the applicants for the fall term the group is FSCJ Nursing C/O 2018 (Fall 2017 applicants) Join the group so we can network and support each other through the pro...
  3. FSCJ Summer 2017 Hopefuls

    For those that did not get accepted to the summer term, I have created a facebook page for the nursing applicants for the fall 2017 term. This will help us as students to stay connected and network with one another. You can join the page here. Log i...
  4. FSCJ Summer 2017 Hopefuls

    I applied for the summer program but do not have my MAC1105 done yet with out it my total points including my points from my HESI which I got a 84 on, is at 191. Do you guys think I have a chance to get in with out my points for MAC1105?
  5. FSCJ Nursing - Spring 2016

    I just applied for the summer 17 term. I have all my pre reqs done except mac1105 which I am taking this semester. I am wondering for those that got in what your total points were. I got a 84 on my HESI so my points with out MAC1105 is 191.7 just won...
  6. HESI A2: Don't stress- Tips from a recent test taker!

    Do you have the ISBN of the book or a photo? I cant find any with author of Elsevier. I am taking HESI in 6 weeks and would love to get a good study book. Mine requires chemistry did yours have chem on it? If so what kind of things should I focus on?