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Hello all, I just received a letter from Drexel saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and I'm waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the... Read More

  1. by   blueyes26
    I completely understand! My guess is we'll find out about it closer to our start date/orientation. I'm surprised that no one at Drexel was able to help. Perhaps someone from a previous ACE class will know more. Good luck!!
  2. by   AugustRain
    Billing info should be on your DrexelOne account, but if you're unsure about something, give the school a call (remember to check with the Center City campus, instead of the University City main campus). You may already have this, but here's a link, the phone number is at the top of the page:

    The need for First Aid certification certainly may have changed, or been rolled into one since previous classes took them, so follow what your instructions say. We had to send all of our compliance forms in by mail, not via a website, so it looks like there have been some (hopefully good) updates to the system.

    Have fun with those bills, you may want to have a drink before you read them
  3. by   acrawl
    blueeyes26,sorry for the confusion. Yes, I was using the terms interchangeably and the options for classes are AHA's BLS for Healthcare Providers and Red Cross's CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer;first aid skills are just implemented into these two programs therefore you do not need to take an individualized First Aid course. If you do either of these you should be fine. If you are in the Philly area I found an AHA Healthcare Provider BLS - $75
    Date: Wed Feb 24, 2010 | Time: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    401 Lombard St, Philadelphia, PA. The web address to register is www.enjoycpr.com. I plan to register after I search around a bit more to see if there is anything cheaper out there. If anyone else comes across anything else please let me know. Thanks and I hope this helps.
  4. by   blueyes26
    acrawl, thanks for getting back to me - good to know that there is only one certification class we have to take! I took the AHA BLS for Healthcare Professionals earlier this month so hopefully I am all set. Thanks again for the clarification!
  5. by   hiddencatRN
    Unless they've *just* changed it, you do need the first aid certification as well (in which case, I'm jealous because the first aid class I took was a waste of time). We had to send in both a CPR and a First Aid card and I'm in the cohort that started Fall 09. Definitely call to be sure though. I already had CPR certification that was due to expire mid program but it was cheaper for me to take a combo first aid/CPR course with the Red Cross than take a recert class for CPR and a separate First Aid course. My new Red Cross cert if good for 2 years; the one I got in Dec 2008 was only good a year, so I'm pretty sure Red Cross has changed the length of time their certification is good for.

    Don't buy: anything for genetics, health promotion (hold on Ethics b/c if you have a certain professor you won't need the reading). The Fundamentals and Clinical Skills book have exactly the same material in terms of skills, but Fundamentals has more theory in it so definitely get Fundamentals. I ended up selling Fundamentals back and keeping Clinical Skills and am not sure that was the best decision but oh well. Get Health Assessment online used- some students are selling it for $0.77 on half.com last I checked. You can order the code to use on blackboard from the publisher directly. I cracked my Informatics book a couple of times but I'm hoping they have made major changes in the course for you guys. The iPods are awesome but the info course didn't cover them for us until the end of the quarter.

    And just a reminder to keep copies of all the compliance stuff you need to send in- there were several of us who needed to resubmit things multiple times.

    Well...that's probably enough procrastinating for midterms for now!
  6. by   acrawl
    No problem blueyes26. Did anyone get a head start on all the forms on the compliance website?How about entering the immunization info? Seems a bit much...
  7. by   acrawl
    Yeah, they must have just changed it because both the compliance website and letter listing the requirements lists CPR Certification only. Looks like they tried to save us a little bit of money!!
  8. by   hiddencatRN
    Quote from acrawl
    Yeah, they must have just changed it because both the compliance website and letter listing the requirements lists CPR Certification only. Looks like they tried to save us a little bit of money!!
    Ah, well, that's good. My first aid class consisted of things like "know the signs of shock and then what to do" and "let me tell you this long personal anecdote about being an EMT and my family having various emergencies..."
  9. by   blueyes26
    hi. I just wanted to pass along that I spoke to Kelly in the compliance office at Drexel and she verified that there is not a First Aid certification requirement (just a CPR requirement). She referred me to the list we were mailed as well as the list on the American Databank website. so ... hopefully we have that cleared up once and for all! Hiddencat, good luck on your midterms!
  10. by   brooklynne
    Does anyone have any information on Drexel's health insurance. I know we'll get the info on orientation but I was hoping to get some details before then? how much does it cost? is it for student only or can family be covered?

  11. by   Aijah
    I was wondering the same thing!
  12. by   acrawl
    joujoubee, go to http://www.aetnastudenthealth.com and choose drexel university and click the link for the ace program. there are two plans to choose from, blue or gold plan and they have a breakdown of what they offer, and i believe i read that they offer family coverage at about double to triple the price of individual coverage. i know the individual coverage for the blue plan is $784.00 and the gold plan is $2401.00, but i'm not sure if this is per year,quarter, etc. the contact person at for us acers to speak with if you have further questions is adriane dalton,ad424@drexel.edu . i sopke with her because i wasn't able to enroll online, but apparently enrollment isn't open for spring starters just yet. hope this helps!
  13. by   acrawl
    Hi All! Quick question, Do we need a full physical to enter the program or only a 2-step PPD. I contacted the Worknet Occupational Health Center on Broad and Vine and I thought the physical included a PPD, but actually they are completely seperate and I'm definitely not going to pay for a physical if I don't need it. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks.