Did Anyone Apply for Spring 2018 for SUNY Farmingdale?!?

  1. Hello all!

    I didn't see anyone here on allnurses that posted about SUNY Farmingdales advanced standing transfer Nursing B.S! I applied at the end of July and so far have received a letter that i passed the first round of admissions! YAY! I thought maybe we could all support one another and say our GPAs and Prerequisite grades for anyone who is interested. I have scheduled my TEAS exam for October 2nd. If anyone is interested in knowing, I decided to go with the TEAS at a PSI center and not at farmingdale so that I will be able to send my scores to other schools if I choose. I am really hoping to get in! Nursing is my dream.

    I already have completed all the pre req courses required by farmingdale. I am currently a senior at a CUNY school studying Health Science.

    Overall GPA: 3.65

    Pre Req Course Grades:

    1. A and P 1 = B+
    2. A and P 2 = A
    3. Eng. Comp 1 = A
    4. Math (Pre Cal) = B+
    5. Psych = A+
    6. Three Liberal Arts Courses: (will vary among individuals)
    A. Eng comp 2 = A-
    B. Music = A
    C. History = A

    Pre Req GPA: 3.7

    Quick questions for anyone who got this info from them:
    1. Does this years TEAS exam have a calculator? And are we allowed to use it during the math section?
    2. Is this a rolling admissions type thing or do they review applications AFTER the deadline?

    Thank you everyone! I hope everyone interested gets in!
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  3. by   CareerChange18
    Hello! I applied to the Advanced Standing BSN at Farmingdale as well. To answer your questions:

    Yes, the Teas does offer a basic 4 function built in calculator on the exam. The math section is pretty easy and basic and the calculator they provide is more than sufficient. You're not allowed to bring one.

    It's not rolling admissions. As per their site, the application is due 10/1. Supporting documents, such as official transcripts are due by 10/8 the latest. The TEAS must be submitted by 11/15. They say that competitive applicants will be invited to take the TEAS when they tell you to, and don't need to provide scores at the time of application. Since I took it though, I submitted it.
  4. by   donnacox847955

    Would you mind sharing your TEAS scores and GPA with me? And how was the TEAS overall? I am currently studying really hard and hoping for the best. Thank you for answering my questions and I wish us both luck!
  5. by   donnacox847955
    Also one more question! For the math section, did they give you any formulas for area, volume, conversions, etc? Or do we need to memorize them all? What do you recommend I memorize?
  6. by   Jmfn
    I also applied to FSC BSN program for spring of 2018! My overall GPA is 3.79, have all prerequisites done at NCC and took the TEAS once this year and received a score of 76. Im thinking about taking the teas again but at the same time don't lol. Any suggestions?
  7. by   Star996
    I did but worried I won't get in, seems so competitive. Worst case, I will stay at Adelphi
    my stats:
    Statistics - A
    A&P I - A
    A&P II - A
    English - B
    PSY 101- A
    History - A
    Micro - B+
    Lifespan - A
    Biomedical - C+
    Art - B+
    Humanities - A

    Teas was an 80.
  8. by   Star996
    For teas, you get calc for every question

    Deadline is very specific I'm pretty sure for application
  9. by   donnacox847955
    I'm really worried about the exam! I've been studying but I'm struggling lol I am also worried I won't get in. But I am also thinking of applying to maybe a private program but am unsure which ones considering the price tags..I don't wanna be in so much debt! Any suggestions on a private program?
  10. by   donnacox847955
    Thank u!
  11. by   donnacox847955
    Really good stats by the way! I think we are both competitive candidates but so many people apply
  12. by   donnacox847955
    When I spoke to Farmingdale, they told me the average was about 75 last year but he said he isn't sure about this year because he hasn't seen the application pool. Honestly if I got a 76 I'd probably retake it but I know it seems annoying to have to pay for it. I actually changed my TEAS test date so I have a little more time lol I am now taking it October 9th
  13. by   Star996
    In regards to private, I would advise against Liu post and I think molloy isn't good either bc regardless it takes 4 years even if you have 30 credits. Adelphi bsn seems pretty easy. Don't need to take calc and only 1 sem of chemistry. Not a fan though since I'm paying like 25k a year lol. If I were you I would just apply to Adelphi, some people in my classes like bare minimal stuff lol. Very easy to get into and designed to help you. For my genetics a 73 final average is a B. But finger crossed I can switch bsn to tuition free !
  14. by   Jmfn
    Lets keep this post trending. Anybody have any info regarding the BSN program. What have you heard about it, do you know anyone that currently attends? Any info is greatly appreciated!