darton college summer 2014

  1. hello I plan on applying to Darton College for summer 2014 I hear alot of great things about the program. I wanted to know if anyone is now in the program or got acceptance for spring 2014.What was your gpa and teas score? My gpa is a 3.1 and I am still preparing for the TEAS... do you think I have a chance advice PLEASE
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  3. by   lovenotwar14
    I applied for spring 14 and letters are suppose to sent out 11/11. So I'm waiting to hear. If I don't get in this time I plan to apply for summer14
  4. by   lexapoo10
    Do you attend Darton now and good luck
  5. by   lovenotwar14
    No I am currently at Bainbridge College. I applied there for fall but I wasn't accepted. Yhey require an interview that weighs heavily on if you get in or not. I think its just a way for them to hand pick the `type` of people they want in their program. Because all of my pre reqs are done and I have a strong gpa. I was told that they accept people who had failed more that one pre req and also those who still had a lot of pre reqs to finish. I loke the school over all the asn program in my opinion is bias.

    I plan to move to Albany once I am accepted into the program.
  6. by   Bdycky
    lexapoo10;7582940, if you are applying for summer quarter at Darton you have a higher chance of getting accepted. I applied this past summer with a 73 on my Teas and I think a gpa of 2.7 or 2.75 and got accepted. I am currently going into my third semster and love it!!! If you do get accepted for summer quarter be advised that it moves extremely quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And make sure u are prepared!!!! I wish you the best!!!!
  7. by   awells908
    Hello, I am going to apply for summer 2014 program as well. Any study tips for the teas exam?
  8. by   Bdycky
    I read the ATI teas book, I went through it completely and read each section, then I answered the questions in the back of the book. Then I went back over the book again just to read the sections I really didn't understand. I also used this site to see how others study tips. Wish u the best!!
  9. by   KrIssycakes
    good luck to all of you at darton.im a new graduate. i will give you the FACTS and you can take it for what it is. I started out with 120 students..i graduated with 31.

    You take a math test every semester..you only get two chances before the drop date to get a perfect SCORE. after that if you stay in the class for the 3rd try if you fail it you FAIL THE CLASS.

    YOU only can fail one class in the whole program. 2 Fs and you fail out the program. You cannot go to another nursing school in georgia for five years if you fail out of another program.

    If you are looking for a supportive group of teachers you need to look elsewhere. They lose the most students in fundamental and maternal/peds classes.

    If i had to go to darton again, i would NOT do it. Alot of my costudents felt the same. I do feel they provided me with a great textbook education. BUT clinical skills i had to go to an out of town hospital my last semester of clinicals to feel comfortable.

    There is no appeal process if you fail out of the program.NONE. they do not care if your mom died, father died NOTHING.They are not supportive...

    just go in it with open eyes.
  10. by   DLewis.RN2b
    Oh wow I applied to the Sandersonville campus! How was your commute if you had one?
  11. by   DLewis.RN2b
    Hi which campus did you apply to, I did the Sandersonville because its 30 mins closer to me, since I will commute from Douglasville
  12. by   dzgracie15
    Hi Krissy, I just got accepted into the Nursing program. When did you graduate? How was clinicals at the local hospital ?