Creighton ABSN Spring 2019

  1. Hi All - wanted to see if anyone else has been accepted into the Spring 2019 ABSN in Phoenix??? I just was accepted and wanted to connect with a few other students and/or hear from students in the past! Thanks!
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  3. by   KMG2
    I recently applied to this program, how long did it take for you to hear back? And congrats!
  4. by   kru63399
    Thank you - so excited! I applied on June 12th and heard on the 26th of June! I believe they only review applications once a month?? Please let me know if you get in! I'm looking forward to connecting with a few more students!
  5. by   arikamari
    If you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA? I just want to see my chances!! I just finished up my application and am going to turn it in tomorrow. Also, I still have one person who hasn't done the reference for me yet. Do you think I could still turn it in?

    Thank you!
  6. by   kru63399
    Mine was 3.7 also I think having 3 references is a requirement.. maybe you could ask someone else! Do you live in AZ - or where would you be moving from??
  7. by   arikamari
    I have a 3.5 so I hope I still have relatively good chances. I have asked another reference and they are working on the recommendation currently! I do live in AZ currently! I just graduated from ASU in 2017! Trying to find an accelerated program in the area so I don't have to move just yet! Thankfully Creighton has a campus here in Phoenix!
  8. by   kru63399
    Oh I'm sure you'll get I. A again let me know and we can connect further!! I'll be moving down with my fiance from Portland, OR
  9. by   arikamari
    I hope so! I just submitted my application in hopes that my last reference gets the recommendation in on time. Oh! Big move! Welcome to Arizona! weather is very different! have you looked into the area yet living wise?
  10. by   ChelsBe
    Hello! I was accepted into the Fall 2018 Omaha cohort and deferred to Spring 2019 in Phoenix. Would love to connect with you further. Sounds like you'll be living with your fiance and I actually want to live alone, but would be so awesome to start making connections! I'll be coming from San Francisco and actually got to check out the campus in the spring. Love it which is why I deferred. Let me know if you want to connect via email for Facebook
  11. by   kru63399
    @arimamari - I haven't looked too much into living places, though I know the area fairly well. I hope to live close to campus, we will be flying down in late oct/ early November to find a place and sign a lease!
  12. by   kru63399
    Hey girl! That's awesome, Phoenix is such a great place, plus you get to stay closer to home in sounds like! I'm just up north from you in Portland, OR! Here is my Facebook link, feel free to friend me so we can chat further! Page Not Found | Facebook
  13. by   ChelsBe
    @kru63399 what is your name? I'll add you on FB! I'm Chelsea.
  14. by   kru63399
    Hey Chelsea! It's Katie Bauer!