College of New Rochelle CNR Summer 2019

  1. Hi all! I wanted to start this thread for those who have applied/been accepted to The College of New Rochelles accelerated nursing program starting in the Summer of 2019. I thought it would be helpful to meet other applicants and give us all some insight!
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  3. by   Amasih
    I just put down my deposit for summer 2019. I am still holding out for a few more schools
  4. by   Trishabee
    Hey guys!! so happy I found this forum. Congrats on all who were accepted in CNR! I was just accepted for Summer 2019 Anyone know what our schedules will be like? Day/Time wise?
  5. by   Amasih
    From stalking all the other forums I think it's pretty scattered
  6. by   RN2B44
    Hi guys! I was just recently accepted as well congrats to you all! I just put down my deposit also. I applied to a few other schools but this is one of my top choices! As for the schedule I am not sure either!
  7. by   Amasih
    I already filled out my FAFSA. I wonder what kind of package they'll give us. Also any idea when we'll get more information about orientation or making our schedules. I know it's really early, but from what I read it's something that we all really have to keep on top of
  8. by   emilianany
    I applied for Summer 2019, but I am still taking pre-requisites. I am currently taking Statistics and Chemistry, and will take Microbiology next semester. I got a call from admissions a couple weeks ago saying that their goal was to admit me, but they need my grades at the end of this semester, and then proof of registration for Microbiology. I'm hopeful, because there's no reason why I should be getting less than an A in these two classes I'm taking now.

    Those of you who were accepted, have you finished taking all your prereqs?
  9. by   Amasih
    Hey as far as for me all of my prerequisites were done. Good luck! It sounds very promising
  10. by   RN2B44
    My prerequisites are all completed as well but that does sound very good. Good luck keep us updated!