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  1. NYP Hiring Process

    I'm not sure, but during my interview with NYP last week they told me their tuition reimbursement was 18k a year. What is NYU's like?
  2. NYP Hiring Process

    Just deleted my last message because I realized it made no sense!!
  3. NYP hiring for new grads

    If you want, PM me. I have the same status and similar timeline
  4. NYU Fall 2021 New Graduate Residency

    Oh wow! This is a great resource!! Thank you. I was working with an agency and was offered one of those vaccine clinic positions today... So many decisionsssss. Have you applied anywhere else? Do you mind if I send you a PM? I submitte...
  5. NYU Fall 2021 New Graduate Residency

    Yup I got an email today. I need a job ASAP LOL I'm hoping that in 4 weeks I'll have a job elsewhere. Gahhhh searching for a job as a new grad is a job in itself
  6. NYU Fall 2021 New Graduate Residency

    It didn't ask me for my speciality either. They asked to confirm my specialty preference today when they reached out to me. My app says "Profile/Resume Received & Under Review."
  7. NYU Fall 2021 New Graduate Residency

    So I just heard back from someone and I was told that they rarely have peds openings and to follow up in 3-4 weeks.
  8. NYU Fall 2021 New Graduate Residency

    I haven't heard back yet but I only submitted my stuff on Sept 18 so it's been pretty recent.
  9. NYU Fall 2021 New Graduate Residency

    I've applied too! I want to go into peds.
  10. NYP hiring for new grads

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear but please do not be discouraged. I’m confident there is a special place for you out there. Being a new grad looking for a job is not easy. We are on similar boats. Also, 5 interviewers sounds intense!
  11. New Grad Pediatric Cardiac ICU Resources

  12. NYP hiring for new grads

    Just sent you a message! ?
  13. NYP Starting salary and hiring process

    Hi just curious if you ever got an offer? Hi did u end up getting an offer?
  14. NY nursing license by endorsement

    It's been 8 weeks since you took the NCLEX? Wow im still waiting on mine too
  15. My odds of getting hired at NYP

    K sent! ?