CCAC FALL 2018 hopefuls and more

  1. Hello!
    This is being created for the CCAC nursing students who have applied to the Fall 2018 semester. I saw one that was created for the Spring 2018 and thought it would be great to connect and share information for those of us that are hoping for this coming Fall.

    So, when do you think we will hear back if we got in or not?
    What were your TEAS scores?
    How many of you have taken the prereqs and supporting classes?
    What campus did you choose and why?
    Is this your first career or are you looking for a second career?

    I'll put my answers in the comments below. I look forward to connecting with you all and am excited to hear about your adventures!
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  3. by   iol5040
    150+ Views and not a single comment yet??? I'm glad I found this thread and hopefully others can share their specs as well.
    I have a feeling we won't know until 2nd week of April. Reading through other threads, that seems to be the time when people were receiving their letters.

    My TEAS weren't that great, 87% and I say not "great" because I do not have any sciences done, and I wanted my TEAS score to be a big factor in admissions's decision process. My GPA isn't stellar, but it is above CCAC's applicant's average. Unfortunately, I won't be receiving bonus points so this may truly hinder my admission.

    I already have a degree so my supporting courses are out of the way (except one, but I'm in a process of challenging it), but pre-reqs, assuming A&P 1+2 and Micro, are not done. I can finish them before Fall starts so that I can just focus on nursing courses, but I don't know if they'll take that into consideration.

    I have a full-time job, so I applied for evening and weekend at Allegheny. My second choice is Allegheny day. I'm not super confident about evening and weekend (in terms of admission due to competitiveness) from seeing posts on here, but I'm going to give a try.
  4. by   airasalia
    You just reminded me to put my own stats! I forgot!

    It looks like we are in a similar boat!

    Here are my stats:
    1. I think we will probably hear the first week or two in April too (for the same reasons you said).
    2. My TEAS was 90.7
    3. I have taken all the pre-reqs, however only one will count because I'm not done with the others until the end of this Spring Term. I already have a degree so supporting classes are not needed.
    4. I choose the North Campus as my first choice because of the later evening classes and Allegheny Main as my second choice. All of my choices were based on the evening class availability.
    5. This will be a second career for me.
    6. I'm a mom, two kids and a very full-time job.

    I'm surprised to hear you are not as optimistic about getting in with the TEAS score you earned. I thought that the TEAS was weighted heavily on the whole thing. I noticed that the median for CCAC TEAS was well under that so I thought it may be safe to assume that a higher score is more favorable irregardless of the pre-reqs.

    Honestly, I think your TEAS is very good considering you haven't completed the science courses. I think they were very challenging science questions for an entry exam.

    I'm going to keep my optimism up for both of us. I think the TEAS scores are important and the higher you go...the better chance you have. Perhaps I'm wrong...but I'm going to be positive about it for now!

    Thanks for taking part! I hope we both get in and that we run into one another one day happily grinding away to make a new future for ourselves!
  5. by   iol5040
    I hope they weight TEAS exam heavily because I feel like my other stats are very average, if not a little above average (hence why I wish my score was higher!!!) I know that CCAC used to only consider GPA + bonuses before they implemented TEAS exam, so this is why I'm a little worried. Fingers crossed!!!!!haha
  6. by   airasalia
    I just got an email from Amber at CCAC. They are anticipating mid-April for the decisions to go out.
    I'm excited and nervous.
    Having kids and job sometimes seems overwhelming but I've been preparing my schedule to adapt to it all. I really love the type of people I've been meeting who are hopefuls/professionals etc. I want to show my girls that you can always make new dreams, follow them, change them and follow them. You get to decide and as long as you never give up on dreaming. Life is so much what you make of it. I'm excited for this new adventure!
  7. by   airasalia
    Here's the most recent update from CCAC:
    Dear Nursing Applicants,

    Thank you for your interest in CCAC's Nursing Program. You are being contacted because you have submitted a nursing program application between the dates of January 16, 2018 and March 1, 2018. I hope that all of you are traveling safely and staying warm as we continue to experience this snow storm. With that said, there are a few things that I would like to make sure that all of you are aware of. I've received numerous emails and calls with very similar questions/concerns so I thought it best to address the whole group.

    Status Updates/Documents Received Questions

    At the present time, we are unable to provide you with individual updates. Applications are currently being reviewed through my office and we will make determinations once all applications have been reviewed and scored (see Nursing Information Packet for more information on the review and scoring process). If you would like to check on the status of certain documents (i.e. whether certain transcripts have been received) please contact the registration office. Provide them with a list of documents that should be in your file and they will be happy to verify whether or not the documents have been received.

    Notification Letters

    Please note that application reviews began after March 1 and will take approximately 1 – 1 1/2 months to complete. Thus, the current ETA on notification letters is Mid-April for those of you who have submitted completed applications as of March 1, 2018. Students will receive a letter via postal mail at the address the nursing department had at the time of application. If you have already moved or are planning to move before letters will be mailed, then you must contact me via email with the new address. All applicant information has already been downloaded into the review files. Therefore, any changes to your demographics in the CCAC system will not be reflected in the files we are using. This is the reason you must contact me separately to notify me of any address changes that have/will take place after March 1st.

    TEAS Exam/Completed Applications

    Through preliminary reviews of your information, I have found that a number of you have not yet taken the TEAS exam and/or had not taken the exam as of March 1, 2018. I have spoken with some of you regarding this matter and I also see some of you are current on TEAS rosters for upcoming sessions. As a condition for priority application consideration, all aspects of the application must have been completed by March 1st. Thus, anyone who has a TEAS exam dated after March 1, 2018, will be moved into the second application grouping. Applications for the second group are due by April 9th. Please make sure that your exam and all other documents are in by that date. Notification letters for this group will go out in May. You do not need to contact me or the nursing department. You do not need to re-apply. You will still be considered for admission for Fall 2018 but it will not be under the priority designation.

    I hope that this has been helpful. I appreciate your time, understanding and patience as we continue through this application review process. Please enjoy the rest of your day.


    Amber Reed
  8. by   Kwolfgn
    Hello! So my TEAS was a 79. Which I am fine with, well above the score they ask for...not brilliant but definitely good enough considering I hadnt had a chemistry or English class in years ha. I have taken quite a few co-reqs too at this point and made the honor roll in the fall so I am pretty confident all will be well. I work full time and have a degree already but plan to stop working and do the day program at south campus. I am lucky it will be able to work out for me to do so and since I have all the co-requisites done I can concentrate on the core nursing courses.
  9. by   Kwolfgn
    What bonus points??
  10. by   airasalia
    CCAC gives points towards your application based on the support classes and grade you received. If I remember correctly, it is in the nursing packet found online. I'll try to remember to copy/paste the info for you.
  11. by   Kwolfgn
    Support classes being the co-reqs like A&P or are there other classes
  12. by   iol5040
    I believe it's only A&P 1+2 and Micro.
  13. by   Kwolfgn
    Thanks! I have both A&Ps with CCAC and did well so thats helpful. I didn't realize that. I am surprised people applied without taking the TEAS first.
  14. by   airasalia
    Me too! Some people knew they had to take it but didn't get the testing scheduled in time so I can understand that. The testing at CCAC filled quickly and people may have not been willing to pay the transfer fee from another testing site.

    Points are awarded for A/P and Micro

    Here is the info on the classes:
    Grade A = 0.75. For first attempt and then goes down by .25 per attempt.

    B =0.5 and down by 0.25 (nothing lower than a B is beneficial)

    D & F grades are not acceptable.

    Classes do not count if they are "in progress". The grade/credit has to be earned prior to the application deadline to count.