Augusta U- MSN/CNL- Fall 2018 Entry - page 24

I don't see a group yet started for admission to the Fall 2018's Augusta U MSN/CNL program. I have read through the forum of the Fall 2017 group and it seems to have been very informative! I am... Read More

  1. by   AleshaMB2018
    Just be honest-be yourself and relax! They are essentially looking to get to know you and how you will fit the program! I'd skim the papers they sent and form a working definition of what a CNL is. Blessings to you during this process!
  2. by   becksx0130
    Anyone feel like their interview didn't go spectacularly but you still got in?
  3. by   atlantamediks
    Be yourself. Tell them about you- the side that they can't see on your application. Don't be nervous. Think of the interview as a conversation. And don't hesitate to ask them questions. Good luck!
  4. by   Moscrows
    Quote from becksx0130
    Anyone feel like their interview didn't go spectacularly but you still got in?
    I felt like mine was awful, but I still got in. Awful because I didn't tell them anything that wasn't already in my application. I had gone over practice interview questions I found online and they were the types of questions they ended up asking, but what came out of my mouth wasn't what I had rehearsed. I was initially wait-listed and I'm thinking if my interview had gone better I might have gotten into the program outright, but maybe not. (I had an abysmally low g.p.a. which didn't help)

    My stats:

    GPA 3.01 with a bunch of graduate work included (I had an initial 2.65 undergrad gpa from ~20 years ago)
    GRE 319
    I was in the middle of prerequisites during the interview (A&P sleep deprivation at its finest)
    500+ hours experience on my universities' student counseling help line
    Master's degree focusing on public health
    Certificate in Financial Planning
    Military Officer/Air Crew Experience
    I have 5 kids... I'm not sure if that helped or hurt me (but I included it in my resume because I have a 10 year gap)