Augusta U- MSN/CNL- Fall 2018 Entry - page 17

I don't see a group yet started for admission to the Fall 2018's Augusta U MSN/CNL program. I have read through the forum of the Fall 2017 group and it seems to have been very informative! I am... Read More

  1. by   nightshifter25
    Hey guys, I'm currently enrolled in the CNL program here at AU so if anybody has any burning questions about what to expect in the fall I'd be happy to do my best to answer them! Otherwise, good luck on ur got this!
  2. by   vingram21
    @JAthens my status changed on 25th, as well! I am now patiently waiting. Good Luck!!
  3. by   vingram21
    Quote from CNLtobe
    got accepted!
    When did your status change online?
  4. by   CNLtobe
    the 25th! got letter in the mail this weekend
  5. by   vingram21
    Quote from CNLtobe
    the 25th! got letter in the mail this weekend
    great, thanks! My letter has not gotten here yet, anxiously waiting!
  6. by   Heather94
    I got my acceptance yesterday! I'm going to be at the Athens campus. I can't wait to meet everyone!
  7. by   futureRN94
    Can someone confirm that all acceptances are through the mail? Do they call you or email you if you got accepted or only through the mail?
  8. by   Heather94
    I only got a letter through the mail!
  9. by   Mightymurse93
    Has there been any new invites for the interview? I applied earlier December so I'm hoping to hear back for the Feb interviews soon. Also congrats on all the new acceptances
  10. by   vingram21
    I got my acceptance letter to the Athens campus! can't wait to start in the Fall and meet everyone!
  11. by   gatravelnurse
    hey everyone! so i've submitted my nursingcas, and my supplemental application but have yet to hear anything back. Should I call tomorrow and make sure everything was completed? granted I did not turn everything in until this past week due to me contemplating taking a year off, but just did not know what to expect! congrats on everyone's acceptances!
  12. by   nursetobe10
    I also only got a letter in the mail!
  13. by   nursetobe10
    Hi! I got accepted back in December, and as I am super excited I am also very nervous. What would you say is the most challenging part and also what is your favorite part of the program?! Thanks in advance (: