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I currently got to Kaplan (now renamed Brightwood) for their Patient Care Tech program. It was the only way for me to pursue my CNA at night while working my regular 9 to 5 during the day. My goal is... Read More

  1. by   Mrs.Hoff
    Yes PLNU is a great fully accredited school with a great reputation and they accept Brightwood students. As does university of Arlington Texas, Grand Canyon university, west coast university, western governors, university of San fransico and a few more. All of those schools are fully accredited as well. I'm using some loans and some out of pocket. I'm hoping to get a job soon after I am able to test for the NCLEX so I can just pay fully out of pocket, but I'm not worried at all and I do not regret my decision, I just regret I didn't do it sooner.
  2. by   DomoniqueH
    So when it came to paying for the ADN at Brightwood , how did that work. Financial Aid isn't enough for each year. So I'm assuming most students are in payment plans. If you don't mind me asking, did you have to have the 1st years balance paid off before you could start the 2nd year? I'm not gonna be able to afford monthly payments as I'm already gonna have to go from full time to part time. So I'll be struggling to make ends meet as is. Wondering if they will just let me wait till the end of the program to pay. I mean I know they will require a payment plan. But in the PCT program, everyone had a payment plan but no one was making payments.
  3. by   Mrs.Hoff
    Since I had 30% off due to military discount, loans covered everything except the last semester for me and I was able to come up with payments.
    I do believe they want you to do payment plans and im not sure they would let you wait to pay. They are for profit, so you know they want that money lol but most of my classmates who didn't have my discount took out private loans to cover the difference if they couldn't pay.
  4. by   Shilamar
    Quote from Buyer beware
    DomoniqueH: Please don't spend 57K for an AD. It's too much money and for-profit schools have miserable graduation and retention rates. Just look at what happened to the students recently when the dreaded ITT tech shuttered like thieves in the night.
    Even though that happened to that school along with MedTech in Indiana there are still other schools out there that are booming with graduation rates. You need to research before just going in on places.