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Hello all,

I'm hoping for some guidance. I am an instructor at 2 yr Assoc degree nursing school and want to go back for doctoral degree. Because of my work/ life schedule I need to do it online. I know the big three seem to be Cappella, Walden, and Northcentral. Can anyone recommend one over the other? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for any help!


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There are a lot of non-profits who do online programs too - widen your net! :) In all my searching for a DNP program, I have never heard of Northcentral. Are you looking for PhD or DNP?


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I did not have a good experience with Capella. Your experience may be different, but for me I'm in a lot of student loan debt and ended up quitting without a degree.


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Wilkes University will start an online PHD in nursing soon. Nova Southeastern University also has online DNP and PHD programs. Touro University has received positive reviews on Allnurses from former students. It may be worth it to check these programs out too.


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I believe Bradley University is starting a DNA online program! Way to go work getting yourself up to participate w the Education! I plan to start Bradley University in the fall, but I feel bad doing an online Masters program and wonder if I should do the PHD like you. Either way good luck and God bless you!


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I attend Walden in the PhD Nursing Education program. I am in year two, and so far so good. Of course there is the price. However, my work/life schedule also needed online. Walden does require 4 residencies where 2 of them must be done face-to-face. I've had some wonderful professors. I have no complaints besides the cost.

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I did my DNP at Touro University Nevada- 100% online. I was also accepted at Chatham in Pittsburg (a couple of on campus visits- not a deal breaker) and University of Southern Indiana (also a couple on campus visits)

All three a fraction of the cost of the for-profits.

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Hi , I am currently doing a Phd in Australia. I am originally from Canada and graduated from UBC with my BScN and went to Melbourne University to complete my Masters in Advanced Nursing Practice specialising in mental health. They don't charge any fees to do a Phd in Australia... isn't that nice?


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I did a lot of research for online PhD programs. I found that Villanova and the University of Central Florida have programs that are mostly online - I think at UCF you have to go to Orlando two times a year? I am not sure if that is feasible, but those are other alternatives.