Online classes. Yay or Nay?


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I have taken a few online classes and have enjoyed them. Sometimes it is more work, sometimes not. But either way, I like the flexibility. You really have to be organized and self-motivated to be successful with online classes -- something I don't have a problem with. I am taking a nursing class online this semester and it is much nicer to be able to complete my work at home rather than having to get ready, drive, and find parking for one class (I don't have any other classes on that day).


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I absolutely love online classes and take them every chance I get! That being said, some people don't manage their time well enough to stay on task when taking online classes and they easily fall behind. If you're disciplined and motivated and can figure things out on your own without a lot of guidance then you should be fine with online classes. The only classes that I was never willing to try online were math classes. I took all of my sciences online other than anatomy and physiology, which were strictly on campus classes, and the only one I earned lower than an A in was chemistry. Also, I've never seen a transcript where it states that a class was taken online. If you're at an accredited institution then they will have certain standards that need to be met whether or not the class takes place in a physical classroom. Whichever way you decide to go, it's up to you to give it your all in order to be successful. Good luck!

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I'm not a huge fan of online classes.. I've taken my fair share and only a couple were worth a damn.. I think they are a great option if you can not make it to a physical class, but I think one gets a lot more out of a traditional classroom.. that is just me though..


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For me, it's better if you don't (my opinion), because in nursing school, you don't go at your own pace. They just don't allow it. Sadly, I wish they did, especially because I am much slower than others at learning. I GOTTA FIGURE OUT A WAY TO COPE

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I say yay to online classes. I took my Psychology 201 and History 202 online and did well. I am enrolled for a hybrid online Math 110/College Algebra this Summer, it's half on campus and half online. What I like best about online classes is that you can work and have a flexible schedule, BUT you have to be dedicated to studying, reading and submiting all your asignments on time. What classes are you considering taking? Good luck.


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I've taken everything online but my sciences to date. It's not really an at your own pace, so much as do it whenever you want by X due date. Which is really the same as a traditional classroom - there are deadlines and you have to meet them. The only difference is I don't have to go to campus for class. I can do the classwork (watching videos, reading books, posting on the message board) in my PJs at 2 am if I want. To me, that's the benefit. I have young kids, so it's nice to be able to do work during naps or after bedtime. That said, I've found all professors to be different in regards to when you can take tests. Most have a 3 day window (IME), but others have only had a one day window, which isn't as convenient. I took a Humanities class in the fall that had a one day window and it was always a pain trying to figure out when I was going to find time to take the tests/quizzes each week - we had a commitment the night that they opened and they had to be taken by 6 pm on Friday. It was hard to find time on a Friday if my kids were resisting their naps. Mostly, though, they provide a bit larger of a window and that works well for me.