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Online classes

Are they harder?? In my infinite wisdom (or a crazy act of a desperate woman... :chuckle ) I have registered for 2 classes online--English 101 and Intro to Humanities. I am hoping this wasn't a mistake!! I'm starting to freak out just a little bit about this whole school thing-it's getting really real now!

I've taken quite a few online courses through prereqs and nursing school. They were, for the most part very easy. There was one though that had an absolute lunatic for an instructor. It was almost amusing.

I'm actually considering getting my entire Master's online.

Fun2, BSN, RN

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I would take every non-nursing course online, if I could!

You have to be disciplined, but I really don't think they are harder.

Good luck! :)

Most of the online classes that I have taken were pretty easy but my mom just recently finished a biology course online and it was a lot of work and she said it was hard. If it was my choice though, I would take every class online. lol

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Some people learn better face to face. I've taken several courses online and love them. You'll do fine! Good luck to you!

Online courses are no easier or harder than traditional classroom, imo.

I have taken several online courses and loved them. I would rather be given all my assignments and be able to complete them at my own pace. I will say that the instructor is what will determine whether or not you like the course. Some instructors make the course work a lot harder and some don't. You have to make sure you stay up on your assignments. Do not get behind--it starts bad habits. Make sure you clearly understand the syllabus that your instructor gives you. You want to make sure you know about any online participation, internet work, or assignments that are due. Most instructors are strict about no late assignments. A word of advice--always make sure your emailed homework goes through!! I ended up hand delivering my assignments because my instructor said he wasn't receiving them. I received A's in all my internet courses ,but one instructor told me that the reason students do bad is because they get behind on their work and then it is to late. I only had to drop one online course do to an impossible instructor.

Good luck!!



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I took several online classes and those were easier than traditional classes. Although I learnt more from classroom courses.


I think online classes are great. They do require you to be organized, but if you learn well on your own they are a great way to get credit.

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