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Can you please tell me your experience on taking online classes form your colleges. I'm thinking about taking a class online, no attendance required. Thanks for your info.


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I took an online class & hated it. You get no feedback until days later. I needed some help of thinking of something to write a paper on and no one gave me any ideas. I ended up changing it to the school class and ended up with an A. I also took a distance learning class & didn't like it either.


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I also am looking for an associate to Bach program, no clinical or in classroom time. Any ideas?


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go to the student nursing area on the boards. there is a special forum for ONLINE/DISTANCE education. Best wishes!

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I've taken alot of my pre-reqs online (currently taking Comp 2 online right now), and LOVED it. It works perfectly for me since I work full-time days and have two little boys I'd rather be home with at night than commuting (the college I attend is a one hour commute, each way).


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I have generally liked the on-line classes that I have had. It really depends on how much support you get and the type of assignments etc... that are due.


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I am taking my pre-reqs via correspondence, and I am loving it! They offer "ask a teacher" each night of the week (an online one to one session with an instructor) to help with our questions/problems.

I also took my Medical Office Assistant program by correspondence, and graduated with honours!!

I think it depends on what kind of student you are. If you can keep yourself motivated and stick to your deadlines, you will be fine.

Good luck!:)


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I've taken a few online classes before and I liked it. However, I was told that the english, science, and math courses were tough though. You should give it a shot, I think you'll like it :)


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how do you do a BSN with NO clinical component? never heard of such a thing. if you do know, do share it with us!

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I took online classes and hated them. But to each his own. My only suggestion is that you really look at what method of teaching you learn best from. Audio, visual, kinsthetic. I am more of a kinsthetic learner, so the online program didn't work well for me. I like the interaction of my peers face to face too much.

It is a shame (for me) that most of the colleges in my area are going toward the internet learning style. They are charging as much as grad credits in my area.

Like I said, they work for some, and not for others. I wanted something more out of the class than forking over 235/credit.

Good luck.

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I am currently taking my third on-line class this semester (Sociology, sucks that the one I took years ago did not transfer)...

anyway....I have like mine thus far. I have deadline for assignments yes, but I work on my homework when I HAVE TIME inbetween full-time work, three kids and a husband...I DO NOT have to be in a classroom at a specific time...simply log in..

It does take a extremely discipline person to be successful with an on-line class though.

Every teacher thus far has been extremely prompt in answering my questions, returning grades etc..they provide an office number and times they are available to meet with you in person. Last semester the instructor would have specific times of the evening where you could go into a chatroom on the blackboard and discuss the work..

I wouldn't be able to attend school right now if it wasn't for the on-line classes.

Good Luck!


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I just finished 4 classes online (while working full time), and received 4 A's. I love online and distance learning, but it really is an individual decision. It is not for everyone. I have seen many people flunk out of these classes because they go into them thinking they are "easier" than a traditional class. Believe me - they're not. If you are a self-directed person and are comfortable setting and sticking to deadlines and you don't need a lot of interaction with other students or the instructor, then you will do fine. If you do better as a student interacting with a class and an instructor, then I would advise you to go to class instead of the online option.

The bottom line is that one type of student is not better than the other - just different. You just need to know which type you are and go from there. I wish you the best.

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