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I'm starting my nursing program next month, October 8th to be exact and I received my schedule today. To my dismay two of my classes are online (Intro to Professional Nursing & Nutritional Principles in Nursing) and then I have Pharmacology on campus.

I'm not really a fan of having to take classes online, but that's what my program offers.

SO, I was wondering does one still purchase school supplies for online classes?

Do you keep a binder, or handwritten notes for your own personal study or do you just keep everything on your laptop? How did you stay organized?

Also do you recommend a binder or notebook or even both for Pharmacology (on campus)?

I'm sorry if these are silly questions, but this is my first semester of nursing school and I'm a little out of my element.

Any other tips for succeeding in online classes would be appreciated as well, aiming for A's!


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I just keep everything organized on my laptop. I don't keep any handwritten notes or a physical binder. Since the classes are online, you wouldn't take "notes" like you would in a regular class because all the information is readily accessible all the time. I organize my folders for each class differently based on how I think the course will break down based on the syllabus. For example, some classes I broke down my folders by week, while others I broke down by assignment or project.

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I also use an agenda book to help keep track of what I need to do and have already done for my online classes.

For pharm on campus...probably just a binder with loose lead in it. You will probably get power points that you can print and place in their as well. You can then take notes directly on your printed sheets.


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I have taken quite a few online courses and I supply similar to a regular class. If you are a note taker, then you wills till need to do so with online classes. Some offer audio lectures as part of the course, and some are straight independent book study with assignments due and proctored tests. In either case, if you are a not tker for learning, then get a notebook for that class, or binder if powerpoints are provided. If you like to take notes on your laptop or not take notes at all, then you wouldnt need anything but your computer.

I personally learn better with pen paper notes. Something about writing what I hear or read cements the knowledge in better. So I keep a notebook for writing notes in for my online classes. GL

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You may want to try Microsoft OneNote... a lot of students find that it is the ideal platform for organizing class materials, notes, assignments, etc.


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I am a physical paper kinda gal.....even for my online courses I print everything...I also take notes while I read so I like a binder for each class...I use dividers and put my power points or any notes provided. I also use a planner to keep all of my assignments organized too