Online Anatomy class with lab!


Hi everyone! I was unable to get the Human Anatomy I class at my community college here in southern California and I need to get it done this semester otherwise I won't be able to transfer to the school I want to go to. I've been looking for online classes that are 4 semester units with a lab and I haven't had any luck. If anyone knows of an accredited online program, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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how could you do an online course with a lab?


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Look at New Mexico junior college. I took mine their online..


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I know they have kits that you can buy and do it at your house, some even require a webcam to video proctor the lab


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And thanks for the help guys! I looked at both places and UNE has a suggested prereq but I'll have to call to make sure its just suggested and not required.


9 Posts I'm signed up to take AP1 in a couple weeks. It's through community colleges in KS but anyone can take the classes. Affordable too!


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Thanks I'll look into that!


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John Hopkins Anatomy starts next week but I think you already had to be previously enrolled. They offer almost all of the science pre-reqs entirely online though!


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I know everyone likes online classes nowadays because you have google to help you with tests, but I would imagine having a bunch of online science prerequisites would get you denied almost everywhere. It's way too easy to just google "Humerus bone markings" in the middle of an online anatomy lab test, and get the answer, instead of actually memorizing the stuff.

Half-assing a history class by taking it online is one thing, but the stuff in these prerequisites we are expected to know. Don't think for a second that the people looking at your application don't know that everyone cheats with google in online classes.

You're taking a big risk taking your science prerequisites online, imo.

Sorry to be so blunt.