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I am down to one last class in my graduate program! I am taking a break till after the first of the year. The classes are much harder at the graduate level than the BS level.......

Going to tip a beer,



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Congratulations! Best of Luck to you. That will be a great New Year's present for you to be finished..

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What are you getting your masters in? Nursing? Business?? I'm doing the on-line thing through University of Phoenix and am deciding between nursing or business. One supervisor advises business because hospitals are run like a business but others advise nursing if you want to be unit manager or something like that. Any opinion???

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Thanks Pretzl. Trauma I am doing on line distance via Clayton College. My BS/MS are in Holistic Nutrition. The classes are really hard.....I think. They gave me credit for almost all of my 80 hours. University of Phoenix wanted me to take all kinds of classes I already had taken. My goal was to get both my BS/MS in two years. If I finish by March I met my goal. I have worked my heiny off LOL.

I think business all the way. I have worked in home health for 11 years. More than half of that in management. I needed more business skills to be a manager. Your supervisor is right about the business. I would like to see if anyone else has thoughts on this topic.

Thanks both of you for replying. This Michelob light is going down fast LOL.



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HEY! Another Mich Lt lover!!! My kind of woman! Congrats Renerian on getting so far in your studies...I know you will do well in your last class! I'm so proud of you!!!!



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Yipee! That's great to hear! Will you go into teaching now??? How will you use your degree? Just wondering.

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Thanks Emilysmom! That is the only kind of beer we like. It is not sold in California or at least where I go. Flowerchild, I would like to teach a health and wellness class or some type of nutrition class since my major is nutrition. My husband is working on his PHD in BA. He already teaches a health and wellness class at Ohio University. He also has a BSN, MBA and he is a CNAA. He is light years ahead of me LOL.


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Way to go renerian!!!!

I'm all about health and wellness! Good luck.

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Thanks I am getting so excited! Hubby teaches with his masters degree but he is working on his PHD as the college he teaches at per diem is asking he get his PHD.

Way to much for me. The graduate program took all the time I am giving school LOL.


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