Update #3 - 23yo son dx'd brain tumor

  1. I'm starting a new thread - symbolizing a new beginning on this nasy subject for me and my son that started the day after Christmas.
    It's a continuation of the other two threads which are posted down a few messages from this.

    Mayo ruled against a biopsy - too dangerous - going straight with radiation. Drs were wonderful and to the point - with a side of humor thrown in - which fit my son well. Said, "Well..we certainly could do a biopsy...but we would prefer for you not to have a major bleed in your brain on the table as that would not be cool." Son said he had no plans on reaching room temperature this soon and planned on walking out of there...

    So radiation starts on Monday for 6 weeks at Mayo. They are going on the assumption that this is a Brain Stem Glioma - not common in adults - but hopefully they can reduce the size and thus the sypmtoms.

    So...in having A PLAN - there is a sense of relief.

    My son is insisting on going alone - without his wife - without his mom - and we're giving him the first few days alone. I will be there on Friday and stay for 11 days - and then after than his wife/maybe baby/and wonderful inlaws will take turns -

    I truly don't know what I would have done without all the continued support, emails, PM's and prayers these past two weeks.
    Cannot thank you guys enough!
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  3. by   Yin Yang
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I work with the local blood bank on a volunteer basis and one of the directors was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma this last year. She has been through radiation and some surgeries (hers spread anteriorly and she unfortunately lost one eye), but she is about to return to work part time after an absence of several months. Know that although her recovery has not been perfect, she is far from "room temperature" lol. It sounds like your son is getting great medical care.

    Take care (of each other),

  4. by   CHATSDALE
    this will be a rough time but there is light at the end of tunnel
  5. by   RN007
    Ashera, a prayer was said for you and there are more where it came from. Take care of yourself to stay strong and keep us posted, okay?
  6. by   muffie
    wishing good things for your futures
  7. by   SuesquatchRN
    Still thinking of you guys.
  8. by   Kimberleighsue
    praying for your son! i have a very close friend going through this as well. she has glioblastoma multiforme. it is inoperable. she has been doing the radiation and the chemo and even though i know it is only going to get worse, she is responding very well!!
  9. by   Jolie
    Adding my prayers for your son's recovery and health!

    My MIL was hospitalized at Mayo on their Neuro services for diagnosis of a condition that had baffled physicians at some of the best medical centers in Chicago. I was awed and humbled by the quality of nursing care and teamwork on her unit. It was truly nursing as it should be practiced, so I'm certain your son will receive the best of care.
  10. by   nuangel1
    i am sorry .please add my prayers for you and your son.

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