1. Maybe a stupid question here.........But

    What policy, if any, does your floors have about pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant nurses working oncology. Wondering about chemo/radiation exposure. I currently do not work oncology but it is a goal, and I'm not pregnant or trying at this time.

    Just curious, Thanks
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  3. by   Julie, RN
    Pregnant = No Radiation or Chemo pt's.
    Some will take chemo pt's though.....
  4. by   kewlnurse
    Stay away from kidney transplants they are more than likley to have cmv, also stay away for anybody with on airborn isolation. Gotta use common sense, you don't get a do over with a baby
  5. by   misti_z
    Stay away from kidney transplants they are more than likley to have cmv
    I currently work on a renal transplant floor, and I have talked to my manager for when the time COMES. When transplant's CMV becomes active after the surgery we give gancyclovir IV, so yeah thats totally out of the question!!!

  6. by   ChemoRN
    According to the ONS guidelines, nurses who are pregnant, or who are trying to become pregnant (including males who are trying to become dads!) do not have to care for patients receiving chemo for 48 hours after the last chemotherapy treatment completed. I worked on my hem/onc/BMT unit during both of my pregnancies, but I never hung chemo. I was real careful with emptying foleys, etc.

    Dont' know much about internal radiation, but external radiation is okay.

    speaking of CMV, remember that immunosuppressed patients can reactivate their CMV and cause trouble with pregnancies. Your OB can check to see if you are CMV neg or pos. If you are +, there's no reason to worry. I was - and was told to avoid body fluids in my CMV patients. (something you do anyway)

    Don't forget some antibiotics/antivirals are as dangerous as chemo. Remember your gloves!!

    Good luck!