Breast Cancer Support Group Topics??

  1. Hello, I am the breast care navigator for a hospital in St. Louis. I will be taking over the planning for the breast cancer support group we have once a month. We like a have a different topic every month and bring in a guest speaker of possible. Any unique topics anyone can suggest?

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  3. by   watashi
    Two years after diagnosis, 9 months after treatment, here are some topics I would have been/would still be interested in:

    1. Late effects of various treatments
    2. Physical therapy and exercises for cording, post surgical tightness etc.
    3. dealing with the ongoing, never-ending, realistic fear of recurrence without letting it dominate your life
    4. integrative/self help for during and after treatment
    5. how to productively discuss things you've read on the internet with your doctors, without triggering antagonism or condescension.
    6. Diet
  4. by   watashi
    Another thing I WISH had been available - discussion **with photos** of what we can expect to look like during and after various procedures. What is considered "excellent", "good", "fair", "poor" cosmetic results immediately post surgery, one year out, five years out, for lumpectomy, mastectomy, various reconstructions.
    For radiation, what is typical, bad but not serious, call your doctor NOW if you see this, and again, what the various levels of cosmetic results look like at various points post treatment.

    There is so much secrecy, except on plastic surgeon's websites, and providers seem very reluctant to discuss this, but I assure you it preys on the mind of most women going through it.
  5. by   Ruby Vee
    new diagnosis, no treatment yet. i'd like to see topics relevent to the men who have to support us through the surgery, radiation, etc. i think my dh is having a more difficult time with all of this than i am!
  6. by   OCNRN63
    ​i don't have breast cancer, but i do have another cancer that only strikes women. i agree that the fear of recurrence is a big concern.