Once you are a nurse, do you get to choose where you want to work?


What i mean is, do you get to choose if you want to work in teh ER, or in geriatrics etc. I would also like to know which field in nursing is a bit more slow paced where your not jumping off walls running from one patient to the next.

Bottom line answer to your question, you put in your dues and do your time wherever you get hired and then TRY to move where you want. Landing your dream job out of the gate is RARE! If you want a slow pace, I have no idea where you can get that.

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in theory, yes, a new grad CAN be hired into pretty much any specialty. some specialties are very competitive and/or hesitant to hire new grads. depends on the facility, if you have any experience in the specialty, etc. nursing is a pretty busy profession. pretty much all the nurses i know are "running from one patient to the next". unless theyre in ICU, with one very critical patient, but then its just a whole bunch of madness in one room.

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You get to choose where you want to apply. The actual choosing is done by the nurse managers and HR.

A lot depends on the area you want to apply for, and how much competition you have.

If your area is fast paced or intensive (PACU, ICU, flight nursing), you have fewer patients at a time, but one or two patients can keep you every bit as busy as 6 less sick patients.

If your patients are less sick, you get more of them (med-surg and especially long term care).

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You get lucky enough to land a position anywhere!