Omg!! Testing next week 25th any help is.......

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Hello hall of famers, can't believe next week thursday is aproaching that fast, pharm is my real weakness but God will be with me that day.

I need a clarification on the qxn below,

Qxn: Nurse is caring for a 23 yr old female toxic shock syndrome, which of the following should the nurse do to the patient first?

A. Seat with patient to reassure her

B. Administer 0.9% nacl at 180cc/hr in left forearm

C. Admit Cipro 400mg IV q12hrs or

D. Teach patient to use pads instead of tampons during her menstrual period

Now here's my question, in the rational for the choices , option D was eliminated on the bases that it's psychosocial, why is that? because i was thinking D was physiological, if so can you explain hint me on other psychosocial prepositions? i know option A is psychocial.

Also coud you guys send me NMEMONICS, i need them now than ever.

I also need dif. btn Cron's and Ulcerative colitis, plz make it simple and short cos my brain is in fluid overload status! running low on storage but will delete after exams.


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Teaching the pt about correct tampon/pad use at this time won't help her current situation of TSS. So you can throw that out right away simply based on that. The Cipro is important, but will not change her situation drastically right this second. With TSS your big concern is the SHOCK. So how do you treat shock? Well, her BP is going to be plummeting so the fluid looks like the best choice there. Remember, ABC's.


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thanks so much for the exp. but i wanted also to know if choice D, teaching abt tampons use is psychosocial need or physical need, rational said it's psycho together with option A


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its psychosocial ....i think..coz you are TEACHING a patient..that comes under psychosocial needs..


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yup, its psychosocial since you are addressing the learning needs of the patient..why do you think its physiological btw??


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thanks guys for this input, for some reason, i never came across a question where i have to use maslow to eliminate teaching as a psychosocial need, glad i know now before my wxams next week, can i say it's another way God is trying to prepare me?, he knows i need no more surprises on this exams.

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I have my testing on the 25th too good luck


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Same to you, i bet we will be screaming a few days after the 25th as soon as we get the results, finish hard.

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