Omg I'm so broke!!!


So after reviewing my year to date paycheck, I'm bringing home $1300 every 2 weeks including my evening and night shift differential. So really my take home yearly is like 35K!!!! Is it just me?! How is everyone else surviving?! We just bought our first home for 104K and I'm like how do people handle this?! How do you save for repairs and a roof and windows? I thought after years of nursing I wouldn't be this broke and depressed!!!!

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Wow. Where do you live?

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35k in New York? Nuts.


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why you make so low of money??


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Thirty-Five is her *net* (take home) earnings, not gross (before taxes).

Welcome to the joys of living in a high tax city and state (New York). On average figure about 30% to 33% of your pay is going to be lost in taxes. This comes before anything like 401K, healthcare and other deductibles.

Still it sounds like your pay is kind of low; on $81k per year gross you'd still would clear somewhere in the middle 50K range per year after taxes/deductions.

You now understand why so many nurses work OT and or pickup extra hours where they can. Have several friends who besides their straight 12's do one or more eight hour shift (maybe one twelve) somewhere else as part-time to bring in more money.


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You bought a home in New York for 104k?


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That sounds hard. You could basically double your salary as a new grad, let alone as an experienced RN, at various hospitals in the city (Mt Sinai, NYU, NYP, etc), even LI (St. Francis, Northwell).

There is no OT offered. I make $33 an hour for nights. So yes the 35K ais after taxes. I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my pay somewhere. I have only critical care experience!! I just feel like something is off somewhere!!

That's after taxes. So my yearly is like 55K with years of critical care experience. It's insane!! On days I make 27.91. Add $3 for eves and $5 for nights, and if you work the weekend night you only get the night diff, there's no weekend diff. There's no OT so I worn 3 12's. I just feel like I shouldn't be struggling this much and wonder if something's off or wrong or miscalculated somewhere!!


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Upstate's pay is lower because the cost of living is lower, as you said you bought a house for $100k. You options are limited, either move or find a second job.