Rose State? wondering if im on the right track

  1. I am 23 and I have just been accepted to Rose State. I have 4 basics to take and then I will apply to the nursing school. Does anyone know how hard it is to get into Rose State?? What are your opinions of the school?
    Also, I was wondering about becoming a CNA. How do you go about doing this?? I would like to get some experience now while I'm working on nursing classes. My friend got hired with no experience. Do they train you?? Do you need to be certified?
    Rose is a 2 year associate RN, correct?? I'm hearing different things about it.. some say its only the LPN. I am all sorts of confused.
    Also, how do you specialize in L&D, post partum, and all that?? Any insight would be greatly appreciated !!
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  3. by   2bRnKim
    Jenners: I don't know much about Rose State, but I can tell you a little about CNA certification. Some hospitals offer paid training as a CNA- just call around to find out who. Also, I looked in the phonebook and found several places that offered CNA classes that would last from 2 to 4 weeks and some were even longer depending on how fast you wanted to get certified. I don't know where you live, but you sometimes you can even find nursing homes advertising in the newspaper for CNA's "will train". I hope this helps. As far as specializing in a certain area of the hospital, you may even start out as a CNA in a specialized area and work your way up from there. Of course, then again , some specialized areas require that you have some CNA experience before they allow you to work there. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. by   Jenners
    So can CNA's work in any part of a hospital? what kinds of things do they do??

    i may start calling around and see if anyone will hire me to train.
  5. by   LanaBanana
    CNAs help with the basic patient needs - in our hospital this includes vitals, bathing/changing sheets and clothes, ambulating and repositioning patients, passing meal trays and feeding those who need it, keeping track of patient intake and output (how much do they eat/drink and pee/poop), and simple specimen collections such as stool and urine samples. Those are the basics, but nurse aides do a lot more - everything runs smoother with a good staff of nurse aides! I learned a lot as a nurse aide and ended up getting a job as a nurse on the same floor. Once I was actually in nursing school it helped me to be able to see what I was learning being put to use by the nurses and I was able to ask questions. I got my CNA through a tech school (look at the area vo-techs) for around $250 and did it at night for about a month but there are shorter classes if you can go in the day. Some places that train you on the job will require a committment - be leary of that unless you KNOW you want to work there afterwards.
  6. by   IheartTrauma
    Rose State offers classes to make you eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN. Any nursing school is fairly difficult to get into, most are highly competetive. I know OSU-OKC offers free CNA classes, all you have to do is pay for the book, they even have a MySpace page!

    Hope this helps!
  7. by   Jenners
    I will have to check that out then!
  8. by   BoopRN
    Yeah! I'm so glad to see a fellow Rose State student on here! I started my pre-reqs there in the fall of 05. I applied to the nursing program for the 1st time in March of this year and I got accepted so I start in August! I will be in the career ladder track program because I was eligible to test out of the 1st two semesters beacuse of my military training. I hope to graduate in May 08. Good luck to you! Are you planning on taking all of the pre-reqs at once or are you part-timing it like I did? Good luck either way, I'm happy for you. :spin:

    Bobbi Rene'
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  9. by   HitmanCFYA
    If you're doing beginning's pretty competitive to get in. I got in with 136 points, but that was a few semesters ago.

    They have a pretty good NCLEX pass rate. Most in my class passed with 75 questions.
  10. by   BoopRN
    Quote from HitmanCFYA
    If you're doing beginning's pretty competitive to get in. I got in with 136 points, but that was a few semesters ago.

    They have a pretty good NCLEX pass rate. Most in my class passed with 75 questions.

    Any advice? ...
  11. by   Jenners
    Bobbi- Congrats on getting in so soon! So you think it will only take 2 semesters to finish?

    I know I don't have anywhere near that many points. I only have 2 pre-reqs left too. I'll be doing those in the fall and I'm going to go ahead and apply in August for Jan but I doubt I'll get in. Does anyone know how many people apply and how many they let in?
    I heard they were letting some people do it online. I would love to do that.
  12. by   raq74
    One of the nurses I work with says she had a good experience at Rose, I don't know much more about it but I do know that having your CNA can bump you up in "preference points" to help you get into a program.