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Hello Okies! I just wanted to ask you to pray for me. I had a house fire Thanksgiving night and am temporarily displaced. The fire actually made the front page of Friday's Tulsa World, although... Read More

  1. by   58flyer
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care of yourself. May the repairs to your home go well and I pray that your life gets back to normal soon. :icon_hug:
  2. by   mudget
    My prayers are with you also. Hang tough! You will get through this.
  3. by   ShellieAnn
    Haven't been on the board this week and just read your message. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you as well. As if there wasn't enough onyour plate, we now have to deal with all the snow and ice! I am glad to see you are maintaining a positive attitude and I am sure your "new" house will look great!
  4. by   BabyRN2Be
    Oh Lana, I'm so sorry that this has happened!!! I haven't been here too much because of computer problems so I'm reading this today for the first time. Please know I'm definitely praying for you, and if you need ANYTHING (talk, clothes, or whatever), PLEASE let me know!!

    I know that this is a little old, and I feel bad that I haven't been around to maybe help when this all happened. Please, take care of yourself!! You DEFINITELY have my prayers!!
  5. by   LanaBanana
    Just wanted to give an update...
    I officially checked out of my hotel and moved back to my house today. I am truly living in a different house! Everything looks amazing! They are still finishing things up, but were able to get me and the cat back in the house. My cat is checking everything out and trying to get used to the hardwood floors (as am I!) but we're adapting. I'll be glad when everything is back in place though. Now I have a long weekend of work ahead of me - working 12 hour shifts Fri, Sat, Sun, and Monday. Then taking a day to reorganize my house and going to my parents on Wednesday to spend the rest of the week.
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!