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  1. Is there anyone who has attended the LPN program at Platt College in Moore, OK or in Oklahoma City, OK? Or perhaps know someone who attended there and have some insight on their experience with the school?

    I am so tired of waiting around to see if I'll get accepted into a votech because acceptance is so competitive AND the programs dont start until August. Platt starts about a month from now (Feb). I already took the entrance exam for Platt, it was the HESI A2. It was a pretty tough test but I managed to pass on my first try. There were like 5 people there to retest the day I tested and probably 10 people there to take it the first time. I think I was the only one who passed that day because I was the only one who the test attendant referred to an advisor after the test to obtain reference forms and to schedule a director of nursing interview. I've heard a lot of people say Platt is a joke because its easy to get into and they let anybody in, but from my experience that is not the case at all. When I came in for my Director of Nursing interview there was only two other girls there to interview. I would really appreciate any input on Platt and experiences in their LPN program.

    (I already know its very expensive but I'm a mother of two kids, one with special needs, and I'm almost thirty and I really cannot afford to waste anymore time sitting around waiting to see if the other votech programs pan out.)
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    I completed the LPN-to-RN program at their north OKC campus.

    Overall I would not recommend completing your PN education through Platt, considering the LPN pay rates in Oklahoma are so low. The monthly student loan repayment will eat up much of your take-home pay for many years to come. Be patient and wait to get accepted into a community college program or votech.
  4. by   Nurse2bOK
    I understand that my student loan payments will be probably around $400/month after I get out of school (For just my LPN from Platt). After I complete my LPN at Platt I plan to apply to the Career Ladder RN program at Rose State. If not I was considering getting my RN through Platt. I know it will be a lot of debt but I've been taking my prerequisites forever and waiting around on application periods to start. I've crunched acceptance/ preference point numbers for EVERY SINGLE nursing program in the OKC metro and besides Platt it doesn't look like I'll have a shot getting into another program for at least two years. In my situation, its either have about $50k-$80k in debt to ultimately be a RN hopefully making $55k/year or not earn any money and be absolute dead weight for about four years (two years waiting to get into a community college program and two years to complete it). I also have a fiance' who is the primary breadwinner in our family who can help soften the blow when I'm shelling out those student loan payments.

    Did you enjoy Platt for your LPN-RN?? How much was your program, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for you advice!
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    Quote from lindseycorrine
    Did you enjoy Platt for your LPN-RN??
    No, not really.
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    How much was your program, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for you advice!
    Back in late 2008 the LPN-to-RN bridge was $23,500. I paid $19k due to transferring the vast majority of my prerequisite courses that I completed at a community college. Nowadays the LPN-to-RN bridge is over $30k.
  6. by   Nurse2bOK
    Was there anything in particular that made you not like the program?

    Yes, mine will also be slightly less with some transferred credits. The only two other school that I felt like I actually had a shot of getting in to were private universities. So either way I was figuring about $70k in student loan debt. Yikes, I know. But in reality its pretty much like buying an expensive car but instead I'm getting a degree that will keep me employed for the rest of my working years. I figure it's worth it
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    Nurse2bOK how are things working out for you so far at Platt? If you don't mind can you send me a private message as to what your monthly payment will be about?
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    I don't know if you started the program or not but I graduated from Platt in 2012 and as a single mother I'm very glad that I did it. If you have any questions please let me know.
  9. by   Rafiki yako
    I'm about to start the Rn program and they transferred all my prereqs giving me a credit of 20k from 36k they charge for the program.I'm now talking of 12000 ,because 3400 will be covered by pell grants.a good deal after waiting on community colleges for a year.
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    Anyone attending Platt college LVN/RN program? scheduled to start my class in Sept. Just wanted to know how the it is.
  11. by   saydee77
    so I just took the HESI and it is the easiest test I have taken in a long time, it felt like I was taking a compass test, I passed my first time. I did do the online practice exam a few times, I plan on going to Platt College in Moore OKC, im not paying for it so im not worried about the cost . hope everything goes well.