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Ya'll might already know this, but they no longer require a separate application to their nursing school and they don't have a waiting list, so they are accepting all students who meet their... Read More

  1. by   RAYLO!
    Ok, I went to OCU for my rn-bsn in 2007, my loans were only for 10,500. I got my work to give me tuition reimbursement which sounded great. But I recently changed jobs and had to pay back my work $7,900 or work there 6 more years.. Good thing I decided to hold on to that tuition assistance money in savings for a moment..
  2. by   WorkofHeart8
    Since there is no waiting list does that mean it's first-come first-serve and whoever doesn't make it in has to wait and try the next semester? If so, how many spots are there and how long is the usual wait?
  3. by   OUsimmons
    I understand that OCU admits anyone who meets their criteria but I looked at their website and it indicates that for the the baccalaureate to BSN track, they require a 3.0 GPA which I do not have. I am graduating from OU in the spring with a bach. degree but I will not qualify for OU's Bacc. to BSN program because of my GPA. Does anyone know if OCU admits anyone who does not have a 3.0?
  4. by   NICUplease
    From what the advisor told me, she said everyone who meets the requirements are in. There is no waiting list and it is not first come first serve. If there are many students, they will simply "make room" for them. OCU is no 1 on my list for RN-BSN. Its a little more expensive but I'll pay I think its worth the certainty. Its a good idea to get your eval early.
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  5. by   starmickey03
    Just wondering if any one has went through the accelerated program and if so how was it? Also did any of you who went through the accelerated option have kids and how did it work out for you? Is it really worth the money?