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  1. huntfishrn

    working vacation

    hi I am an american I.C.U. nurse that has recently visited NZ and am wondering what it takes to do a working vacation in NZ. specifically what kind of pay can i expect to get while working there? I would like to work in wellington and am wondering if i can afford to do this. in the states i have a contract making 50 dollars an hour and i also work per diem for $37 an hour. do i need to save up to do a 3 month working vacation? will the pay help me with my bills at home , or can i expect to only make enough to pay for my expenses while there. i have 4 years as an I.C.U nurse, and would like the opportunity to see the whole country, both islands while there, i just do not know what to expect pay wise. any info would be helpful.
  2. huntfishrn

    Oklahoma City University

    I went to the bachelors to BSN program and i know for that program in 2005 was 100% pass rate, the web site pass rate lumps all the programs together, traditional, rn-bsn, etc.... you have to call and get the pass rate for the specific program you are taking.... grad 2005
  3. huntfishrn

    I can now use RN!!!

    Rock on!!!! time to get into the Nitty Gritty.........
  4. huntfishrn

    Grossest Thing You've Ever Seen

    just a thought........ butter and basil?????
  5. huntfishrn

    Hey Texans!!! ripoff in san antonio?

    thanks, found it looking for free avatars on the web:smokin:
  6. huntfishrn

    Grossest Thing You've Ever Seen

  7. huntfishrn

    WHY do we need more nurses

    HEAR HEAR!!!!!!
  8. huntfishrn

    Do I need to keep my nursing school textbooks?

    i have personally never needed tem for reference, but they have come in handy to give to younger kids thinking about nursing school in encouraging them to go to school. so far i have helped convince 2 epople to become nurses, they saw how challenging they were and would say "cool" at the same time. but if you are confident of where you are going in nursing and do not feel you will not need them i say sell them:smokin:
  9. huntfishrn

    Grossest Thing You've Ever Seen

    i think i would have pee'd myself laughing!!!!:omy:
  10. huntfishrn

    Grossest Thing You've Ever Seen

    this wasn't so much gross as WRONG.... this obese lady was having issues with yeast in her folds (of course) and when i was giving her a bath one time i washed the fold where her leg bends at the hip and there in front of me where to "skin bridges" that were intact and you could actually place your finger under them. it looked like bread dough, but was her skin!!!! i guess it happened when her skin was raw and fused back together in spots and then eventually stretched out. every thing was healed but i would bring new nurses in and stick my finger (gloved of course) under it wiggle it and they would literally gag!!! funniest grossest thing ever!!!!
  11. huntfishrn

    Hey Texans!!! ripoff in san antonio?

    i spoke with a tax accountant and the allowable daily stipend is like 120 so long as i keep receipts he said i would be fine, but you are right about the bonus i am trying to negotiate it into the hourly thanks for all y'alls help
  12. huntfishrn

    New Grad feels lost... not cut out for nursing?

    I must say i had very little of the stress ya'll are having... it may be because i turned 40 after nursing school and had a bunch of life experience behind me.. but i can sympathize i mentor new grads now and have only been an R.N, for 3 yrs... i see the worry and this is in the I.C.U.... but i tell all my grads that this is just a one night at a time job, everything is different some nights, and sometimes you get the same pt's back, but you have to say to yourself, "self, you can survive 8,12,16 hours of anything knowing that you get to go home and leave it all behind" on my days off I usually forget that i am a nurse (coping mechanism #1) I always take my time no matter how rushed i may feel (coping mechanism #2) when i first started, I did each pt's meds one at a time, and if i was working med-surg and had 6 pt's and it took me past the 2hrs allotted to give meds, i did not sweat it, just do your best . and call who you need to call or fill out the form you need to fill out. it is easier sometimes to ask forgiveness than permission as far as organization, i always go in right after report look at my pt's, greet them, check I.V's, monitor, alarms, then check meds. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR JOB IS THE PATIENT!!!!! administration makes you feel it is the paperwork...well hang that, if i get through the night and my pts are alive and well cared for that is what matters, if i have to stay late for charting...BONUS!!! I am still getting paid..... it is a tough world the world of nursing but not because of the job itself, it is what we inherited, from Administrations, and Old-crusty-chew-em-up-and-spit-em-out Nurses. remember, they will be gone soon enough and we will be setting standards. Learn to stick up for you Nurses license... if your assignment is dangerous...refuse it.... if you do it before you take report, they cannot take your license, despite admin hinting at the precariousness of your job.....sheesh... you have the best in the world, you can get another one an hour later, let them know that.... Make a Goal...... I tell all my orientees to grow thier pair of Nesticles (nursing testicles) ASAP... cause if you do not this job can grind you up. i do not have to remind you that the attrition rate for nurses is 2 years. I made that my goal, make it 2 years... make it 2 years.... When i hit that milestone I knew i could survive Nuclear holocaust....... y'all can rise above, none of us is gonna go through anything any worse than our predecessors....man, those early nurses HAD to be TOUGH!!!! you know the horror, did everything by drips, uniforms, ***hole doctors that where pigs, nightly massages, claculations out the wazoo, mixing your own meds.......etc i hope this encourages yall i have been a nurse for only 3 years, and already am being asked to be charge on a 30 bed I.C.U., but have said no because i will do what is best for me, my license and my fellow nurses. Chin up.... keep up the good fight.....IT REALLY DOES GET BETTER.....:smiley_ab
  13. huntfishrn

    Is this even possible?

    man... go to your parents and tell the husband nerts, he'll either get over it or show how much of a man he is not...(i speak from experience, i have had to humble myself) but your health is too important and if he cannot see that then he needs awake up call. I am a firm believer that marriage is a joint venture, that is why the bible refers to it as "the two become one flesh" he is just hurting himself love the primal scream thing btw.....
  14. huntfishrn

    worst night i have had in a long time

    wow....ummm i think i speak for a lot of nurses when i say this.....welcome to nursing!!!! BTW last time a supervisor or doctor tried to tell me i was to take care of a V.I.P. I told them and i quote, " all my patients ar V.I.P.'S he/she will get the same standard of care the rest of my patients get...the best" oh yeah... great use of smilies..... Grate job (no misspelling).....you rocked the night!!!!
  15. huntfishrn

    worst night i have had in a long time

    see next post, not sure what happened...
  16. huntfishrn

    Need cheap scrubs and a lab coat

    Wherever you go DO NOT go to the uniform shop....major rip off even with thier so called discounts.... there is a place on 23rd st in okc between rockwell and mcarthur? i think, called NARMADA they only sell cherokee scrubs but they are just as good as landau the owner is a nurse too.. let me give you an example: the uniform shop, got 4 sets of my fav style landou for 200 bucks, went to narmada a year later got the same style same quality material bought 8 sets cost me 180. check them out you will be pleased... i used to go to the one by midwest city MORTON OUTFITTERS you can see them from I40 and narmada even beats them oh btw tell them Scott sent you i bought the 8 pairs and a cardiology soft touch from them they will remember me btw you can find stethoscopes cheaper on the web.... i regretted buying the scope from them but i was given the money as a b-day gift could of save 75 bucks ordering online and they even inscribed it for free, the stores do not inscribe they tell you to send it in to the manufacturer, total hassle. well hope this helps.