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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Has anyone heard of the Oklahoma City Community College Accelerated ADN program? Has anyone applied for it? Also, what is the average GPA required to get into a nursing program in Oklahoma?

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  3. by   raq74
    Which program are you asking about? LPN to RN Bridge program or the Baccalaureate to ADN program (BADNAP)?
  4. by   gobejo
    About the BADNAP program. I was also curious about the average GPA for admission into Oklahoma nursing schools.
  5. by   teebee
    Hey gobejo,

    Sorry, I don't know much about OCCC's nursing program but most programs here require a minimum 2.5 GPA to apply and I'd say in reality you need above a 3.0 to be a competitive applicant. I think it may be slightly less competitive for those that are trying to get into Bachelor's-to-RN or Bachelors-to-BSN programs; I could be wrong about that though, just seems I've heard that before.

    The program I'm in requires a minimum 3.0 but they will accept anyone who meets that GPA requirement and has satisfactorily completed all of the prereq's.

  6. by   raq74
    I don't know much about the BADNAP program as it's the first year...Susan Mann will be heading that program and I had her for NPI and I can vouch for her being a good instructor...I would say your best bet would be to head on down to the school M-F, the health professions offices are open all summer and they can provide you with any help you will need...I have heard that it will be a VERY intense program.
    Hope this helps!!
  7. by   picurn10
    I just attended their BADNAP info meeting a couple of weeks ago. What I was told was that last year (1st yr of the program) they had about 75 people apply for 30 spots. The lowest GPA was 2.8. and she was someone 4 spots down on the wait list, and got in only after several people dropped out. Everyone else had over 3.0. This year they are hoping to have an additional 30 spots but expect to have about double the applicants as last year, so I'm guessing the GPA's will be about the same. GPA is the ONLY criteria they look at and so it's pretty cut and dry.
    The program does sound very intense. I was able to ask lots of questions since there were only about 6 of us at the meeting. What I was told was that you have one full day of in class time, 1 full day of online classes, 2-3 days of labs, and most weeks you have 2 12-hr clinicals, and of course homework. So it is very tough. The clinicals are always scheduled in pairs. You get to list your preferred hospitals and they try to work with that, but you may be expected to drive up to 45min to a location.
    They did say that you probably shouldn't work because it's tough. There were one or two students who had to, but it was very, very challenging. Other than that, time will tell. The first class is just about to graduate so who knows about pass rates on NCLEX and that kind of stuff, but it sounded like people were doing well. They did say they started with 30 and I believe they are finishing with a graduating class of 28, or maybe it was 24...
    Hope that helps a bit! Good luck
  8. by   happilymarried
    I have a dear friend that was in the first BADNAP class. She is a smart cookie but ended up dropping out after 3 weeks into it. She said that they tell you that you will learn everything that the regular class learns, they just expect you to learn it quicker. It is crazy intense. She said they got a 5 minute break in the am, a 30 minute lunch, and a 5 minute break in the pm. I believe she said it is a 5 day a week program. If you decide to go this route, make sure you aren't going to have any stresses conflicting with school.:uhoh21:
  9. by   OUsimmons
    Does anyone have any updated info on this question? I will be graduating from OU soon with bach. degree and am interested in this program. My GPA is def. not stellar so I'm wondering what my chances are for getting in.
  10. by   PrincessCJ
    Since this is an old question I don't know if info on the BADNAP program is still needed, but hopefully this is useful to someone. I just completed the BADNAP program a couple weeks ago. My class was the second BADNAP class. We began with 40 and ended with I believe 29. I am unsure about the average GPA for the program, but I would say that having a 3.0 or a little lower would be sufficient to get into the program. There will probably be people that drop out after orientation and then others will be allowed in. If you are interested in this program, be sure that you are serious about nursing and are able to commit the necessary time. What is normally taught in 2 years is taught in 10 months, and that includes christmas break, which is 5 weeks long. Only 2 students out of the 29 that graduated made a 3.5 GPA or above during the program. So it is very challenging. Working was not recommended, and I don't think I would have been able to work if I had to, but 2 or 3 people in the program worked. We only had one day of lecture usually, 2 clinical days (semesters 1-3 it was a 12 and an 8, semester 4 it was two 12's), and then there were a few days of labs (1st semester there were more lab days, then in later semesters only 2 days of labs). Also, there will most likely be some clinicals on the weekends, but they go by pretty fast. The tests are a whole different way of thinking and you have to get used to that and it was hard for me. There are also progression tests at the end of each semester that you have 3 chances to pass and then the last semester the progression test is comprehensive. I don't think any student failed due to these progression tests. The 2 instructors are great and they really want everyone in the program to succeed and will do all they can to help. They were new starting our second semester and we all liked them and thought they did a good job.
  11. by   LoreliDawn
    Thanks everyone for all the information. It's very helpful. I have one more question to add to the conversation. I have a 8am to 5pm M-F job that I really enjoy and I'd love to be able to keep while I'm in the program. Is that just impossible? I know the time commitment would be extremely challenging and my sleep might suffer but I just want to know if the classes directly conflict with the times that I work. Even if I could just work a couple of days a week, I'd be happy with that. For the people who have taken the program, what do you think?
  12. by   jojo10
    absolutely impossible. you will be in class all day at least 1 day, labs on other days, plus 2 12-hour clinicals per week.