OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

  1. Hi everyone!
    I know this is a bit far away, but I am going to be applying to OCCC's traditional nursing program next fall. My preference points look like they will be right on the line of getting in. I wouldn't mind applying for the spring, but I want to get in as soon as I can lol. I was thinking about taking a CNA course to get that extra preference point. Does anyone know where I could go to get that done, and how much it costs/time it takes?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Traci-LPN
    Personally I wouldn't bother investing the time or money into a CNA class, if it's only worth one point. Check the votech in your area for classes. But plan on spending around $300 and 4-6 weeks to get licensed.
  4. by   akhan2017
    I agree! It's probably not worth it but if you want to you sure can for that extra point!
  5. by   FutureRNCor
    Thank you for the replies!
    I think I have decided to just apply without the extra point. If I have to wait another semester, it won't be the end of the world.
  6. by   LivinmyPurpose
    Osu okc has a cna course if you want to take one
  7. by   thestephanie
    Hi everyone! I'm applying also with 16 points. So nervous! Who else is applying for fall17?
  8. by   Sondra56
    I am applying! I am so nervous! I have 15 points right now, but expect to have 17, and my GPA is a 3.888. The 8 week wait period is going to be brutal!
  9. by   kate42024
    I have a friend applying to the Fall 2017 Traditional Nursing Program at OCCC. She has 15 points and 3.88 GPA. I was just asking for her to see what others will be applying with! Any information is appreciated, but more specifically asking for preference points.
  10. by   trevonmcclure
    As of today, I've got 12 points, but I'm taking 3 placement tests next week, which could give me another possible 6 points for a total of 18 preference points. My GPA now is 3.86. I feel like I've got a good amount of preference points to get me into the program. I've worked so hard to get these points and I just want to get in this Fall 2017.
  11. by   Sondra56
    I have faith that we can do it! We will be the graduating class of 2019
  12. by   rebekahcapps
    Hello! Both my husband and I will be applying. 3 weeks until deadline eep! so nervous! Good luck to everyone!
  13. by   Lgill00h
    I talked with an advisor last week and he said the average needed to get in is 12-13 points. Has anyone else heard this?
  14. by   kate42024
    I got in for Spring 2016 with 14 points. Had a friend get in for Fall 2016 with 14. She was the second alternate, but got in the first week. Had another friend that had 13 points and also got in on the alternates list, but they took a crazy number of alternates that semester. Fall is usually more competitive than the spring semester.