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  1. 6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    On my old med surg unit it is ALWAYS 6-8:1. It was NEVER below 6:1 and it was insane! Especially considering the patients had post op vitals and many of them were getting units of blood. It was INSANE. I felt horrible that I could not give the best c...
  2. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Not sure if you were addressing that last person who posted but I had 17 points with a 3.8. I am pretty sure the least amount of points that got accepted to our class was 14 points, not sure on what GPA they had, but I heard some people had as low as...
  3. OCCC Spring 2017

    I also found out that we will be doing lab or clinicals, not both. Some weeks we will do both in the beginning but it will usually only be 1 or the other.
  4. OCCC Spring 2017

    The spring 2018 traditional nursing application is due September 8, 2017 @ 12 p.m.
  5. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Awesome!!! You will make it in then. I would be extremely surprised if they don't go through at least 10 alternates.
  6. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    That is correct. But u have to make sure they have your new scores on the print out version because they don't go on there the same day unless they are manually put in.
  7. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    That is correct. I had to go back to testing and assessment and make them put my new math 4 scores in. I went there right after I took the test and when they gave me the print off it did not have the new ones on there. That sucks!
  8. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    How many points did they say you had?
  9. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Yes chem does count. All of those (nutrition, a&p I & II, micro) count. But you can only use 3 classes for the science points.Intro to psychology does not count though.
  10. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    I got in as well!!! My email came at 11:36 :) I can't wait for orientation!
  11. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    I saw with my own 2 eyes an email sent to a girl on saturday telling her that her application was incomplete and that if she felt the message was in error to reply by June 9th, so I am hoping that means the acceptance/denial letters will be sent toda...
  12. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Well guys, hopefully we here today!
  13. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Well I dont know about you guys, but I am SUPER bummed that we didnt hear anything today. A part of me knew we wouldn't but I was hoping I was wrong.
  14. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    It all depends on who you talk to up there. Not everyone knows what is going on. Student workers almost ALWAYS answer the phone and they don't get clued in on the process. They get told a generic answer.
  15. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    I am surprised they were still there at 6:30 since they close at 6, so that is promising. Hopefully they were there late working on our apps! I am so ready to find out. I applied with 17 pref. points and a 3.889, so I am hoping that gets me there....