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  1. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    You have to take the printout of test scores from the testing center to the testing assessment center and get the "official" scores printed up to submit with your application.
  2. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    How many points did you have for those of you that haven't received an email yet? Just curious bc I haven't gotten an email either but only had 13 points.
  3. OCCC Traditional Nursing 2017 Fall

    How many preference points do they have? Those matter first.
  4. OCCC Spring 2017

    DID You get in with 14 points?
  5. OCCC Spring 2017

    Did you get in with 14 points?
  6. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    I talked with an advisor last week and he said the average needed to get in is 12-13 points. Has anyone else heard this?