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  1. I am working on my pre-reqs at TCC Tulsa. I need my CNA certificate for TCC nursing program, but I also want to work as a CNA while going to school. For now its all up in the air...I am trying to decide which place take for my CNA training. But I am curious about our local hospitals in Tulsa. How flexible they are with schedules? weekends or no weekends? Pay? Which hospital do I want to work at? Will or which hospitals will train me for my CNA before I pay to take it? I know saint francis has a nurse tech training program, has anyone went through that? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Hi, I am taking my pre-req's throught TCC right now as well and just enrolled in Interim Health Care's CNA December training program. I have a friend that has gotten her CNA certification through them and she really like it, but if you'll look on my previous thread CNA IN OK a couple of other very helpful people had some goo things to say about a few other places that are in Tulsa as well. I chose Interim because they offer an evening class 6-10p Mon through Thurs for 3 weeks and on the 4th week for 3-11p Mon-through Fri. for clinicals, 2 nights in a nursing home and 2 nights at Tulsa Regional (I believe thats the hospital). They also have daytime classes if you'd rather go during the day, and they have classes every month! I also looked into St. francis's Nurse tech program and they are taking applications now for their january session, and it is paid training from what I understand. I decided not to go that route because the woman from the hospital told me that upon taking that class that I would be trained to be a nurse tech only at St. Francis hospital and I think I want to be able to work with a license that allows me to work at any hospital. lol. Anyway, I hope this helped a little!!
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    I don't think the St Francis program counts as the prereq required for TCC because they require either PCT or CNA cert.
    I did my training through Tulsa Tech. Since August I have been working at St John's on Fri/Sat/Suns. They have been flexible with me and really like having nursing students/prospective nursing students as aides.
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    I went to DreamMaker's School For HealthCare Aides. It was very intensive, it lasted 2 weeks (one week in the classroom/labs) and the second was doing clinical at one of three area hospitals. It's about $500, and I feel that I learned so much from the class. I really recommend it, as well as the TTC program.
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    Thanks to everyone for your advise I really appreciate it =)
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    Good afternoon everyone.
    I have a few questions I would like to ask;
    I am starting premed at TCC in Jan 2010 before I transfer to OSU to continue my premed to med school in fall of 2010. A friend of mine is a nurse working for St. John and she recently told me to become a CNA while going to school to become a surgeon. So after considerable thought I have decided to go ahead and look into that. My concern was time, work place, and money. I guess like everyone else. lol. I have been looking through the web trying to find answers to my questions and I came across this site. So I was wondering if anyone could help me find CNA classes that would work with my schedule of being a school bus driver? Also could I work in a hospital during the classes? I am wanting to get in as much experience and training that I can in working in a hospital seeing I am going to be a surgeon. How long does it take to become certified and do they place you?? What is the pay to being a CNA cause schooling is very expensive? Thanks for all your help and have a fabulous day!
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    I've worked (I'm an LPN) in facilities that Interim uses for clinicals and have always been very impressed by the instructors as well as the level of preparedness shown by the students. The instructors always demonstrated a deep desire to provide the students with the best possible clinical experience and a strong motivation to help the students succeed. BTW, I have never worked for Interim, have no plans to do so and currently work for a competitor (we just don't have CNA classes).