Anyone waiting to hear from OSU/OKC for the fall 2010 semester?

  1. I am waiting to hear from OSU/OKC to see if I got accepted into the Fall 2010 semester. I am getting nervous now. I took the Hesi once and scored an 81. my GPA is 3.65. I think I could have taken the HESI again to make a better score. I only lack completing microbiology and nutrition as requirements for the OSU/OKC program. So nervous now!
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  3. by   Ciale
    Yup. UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH. I'm not too anxious though because I can almost promise I didn't get it. I only had 76 points and from what I understand, the cutoff is usually around 83 or 84. If I do get accepted for fall, I'll prolly just go into shock for a few minutes. Good luck to you...hope you make it in!
  4. by   ornery2athome
    I was reading a little about the average cutoff for points. Wow that is high. I'm not sure I will have that many. Really makes me nervous. I am a transfer for Redlands, so I will not get any points for taking pre-course work at OSU. Did you ask them how many points you had or did you calculate them yourself?
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  5. by   ornery2athome
    Well, If I calculated correctly I am sitting at 78 that is without having physiology completed. I take my final for it today and should have a B in the class. They give several points for having physiology done. It would put me in a more comfortable spot if I could get points for it!
  6. by   ornery2athome
    I called the college yesterday and they said they hope to have the "letters" sent out by friday! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
  7. by   Ciale
    Yeah, with physio that will make you competitive. The points are obviously determined by who all is applying for that semester so it can vary. I'm hoping this years talent pool wasn't that big! I calculated my points on my own but I feel like OSUOKC should sent out "verifiation letters" like OCCC does that verifies the amount of points they calculate for you...that way, if theres a descrepency, you can call them and get it sorted out before they make selections, yanno? Hmm...thanks for letting me know about the letters though. I'll let ya know.
  8. by   ornery2athome
    WOW, cut off was 87 points! Got my regrets letter, which is fine, I do not mind waiting another semester. I need to get micro and nutrition done and I should be good to go. Good luck to you in your future career. I plan on applying to Redlands as well as OSU, in hopes to get a slot for the Spring 2011 semester!
  9. by   Ciale
    That sucks! A year ago, you would have been a definite yes. Next semester is probably gonna be in the 90's or something. That's a little discouraging. I wonder if OCCC is easier to get into. With as long as this is taking, maybe I should just apply to a 4 year school, yanno it?
  10. by   Ambitiouz
    Just want to say good luck to you all, OSU is a great program. I know when I applied in Fall 08 the cut off was around 78. I think I may have had 81-83 pts. My gpa wasnt that high but I got lucky with an 85% on the hesi.
  11. by   RonnieNichelle RN
    To a.caroline...Yes, the choice of applying to a 4 year college is a definate plus...I've been rejected at OSU-OKC twice...This past spring 2010 and fall 2010 semester...I have all of my prereques finished and still didn't get accepted...I've been taking basics for Oklahoma City University for the past 2 1/2 yrs and just found out yesterday that I've been accepted into their fall 2010 Nursing program...I know they're a bit expensive, but I would rather pay high tuition than to keep waiting for a school to accept me into their Nursing program...I have 2 kids to think about...I don't know your situation, but I would definately look into a 4 yr college...Good Luck...
  12. by   ornery2athome
    What kind of numbers did you have when you applied? I am going to apply again in the fall and I will have all pre-req's done with the exception of nutrition. I am thinking about retaking the HESI to see if I can bring my score up, I made an 81. Which leaves a lot of room for improvement. I got the max amt of points for GPA. I'm hoping that will get me in. I plan on applying at Redlands too. Maybe I should consider applying to a 4 year school.