Any Over 30 Pre-Nursing Students Here?

  1. Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to put it out there and see if there was anyone here in any of these forms like me. I'm 36 years old and I am seriously considering and probably will be going back to school (already have one Bachelor's degree in a completely unrelated discipline) as a pre-nursing student. Only thing that's holding me back, and it might be kind of stupid, but it's my age. I've been trying for a couple of years (I've had a REALLY hard time trying to "logistically" make it work. Having to still work full time to support myself and be able to take the classes, clinicals and all of that that is required) now to figure out a way to go back to school while still having to work full-time and being completely on my own expenses-wise. Would love any advice. Or to hear any stories for anyone here that is in my age range.

    Thanks ladies... gents too!

    Seeking Inspiration in Tulsa,

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  3. by   37changes
    I'm not in Oklahoma but I thought maybe you were looking for support from all over.

    I will be graduating in December and I'll be 40 in March. There have been many discussions like this one around here. MANY of us are doing this in our "advanced" age (ha!) and thriving.

    I say if it's your dream, figure out a way to make it happen & go for it. Best wishes!
  4. by   Apple-Core
    This is an oft discussed topic here on Allnurses! No, you are not too old. I'm almost 50 and onlt half way through my nursing school. There's a bunch of students my age in my class. It's a non issue!
  5. by   sgc29
    Oh I'm so glad to hear that! I will admit, yes my age was something that was pulled me back a little bit. But really after hearing this, now it's just logistics. I know there's a way to get it done... Just going to take me a little bit more time to figure it out. I know there are a lot of women out there who probably are on their own and have to support themselves while making school work too. I'll find a way. Any advice on that is appreciated as well. Thanks so much for your support!
  6. by   sgc29
    Thanks so much for the support! Nice to know I'm not the only one who may be a little bit older and classes. I plan on hopefully starting my pre-recs fall semester of next year (which I can easily do working FT). It's just once I apply to nursing school and start that "logistics" part will really come in, while I try and figure out how to steal work enough to have to support myself and do school. But I'm saving as much as I can and I'm developing a plan to get there.
  7. by   Apple-Core
    I took all my pre-reqs online so that I could continue working fulltime and be available for my kids in the day - I would study at night. The logistics of actual being at school in person is a bit trickier, but we make it work.

    As for the age thing - honestly, such a non-issue. In fact, age brings with it some benefits such as maturity and a calmer approach to things. I have found some things a bit tougher - but oh well, that's life!....
  8. by   Brandon B
    I will be 36 in December, currently preparing to go back to school to complete my Nursing Degree, and after that I plan on going back to pursue APRN. So I agree NO your not to old, and if you don't do it now in 10 years you will look back and regret not making the jump then. Good luck!
  9. by   Aliens05
    Hi. I am a 32 year old guy that just finished my RN (associates at a local comm college) this past May and passed my NCLEX in July. I technically worked full time through school and clinicals (32 hours to retain benefits). My job was super easy and low stress, I worked at a small group home with disabled persons, very relaxed atmosphere, and they worked around my school schedule.

    It was tough not gonna lie, basically I would either work all day and then do homework and study, or on days off work I either had class or clinicals and more studying/homework. It pretty much left almost no time for anything else, although I did manage to still go to the gym for an hour most days of the week. I do not have kids, but do have a dog that I had to care for. It can be done, I know some programs are more intense than others, some require more total time committment than others.

    We had class from 8-3 one day per week, and typically one day per week of clinical (also one day per week of PRE-lab, day before clinical). So essentially the way my program was ran was you committed to 3 full days for just school without taking into consideration time outside of that for homework and studying. I feel like I did not study as much as most of my classmates did, however i still studied A LOT.

    Good luck to you, it can be done if you are committed.
  10. by   redshott
    I'm right there with you! About 9yrs ago I was accepted into an ADN program but my husband had orders to move overseas so I got my degree in health management instead.... The market is over-saturated in regards to medical admin so the jobs haven't been anything like what I had hoped. I'm almost 39 and my husband is retiring from the USAF so I can finally go back to nursing school (I'm hoping to do an absn program) if I want to.

    The parts that scare me are my age (I'll probably be 40 once I start the program) and giving up the security of a full time job/income while in school. I know a lot of people complete RN school later in life so I'm trying not to let it get to me! Best of luck to you!
  11. by   DowntheRiver
    My ASN program was mostly people in their mid-twenties to late thirties. There were only two young people in my class who were in their early twenties. So, it could happen that you end up with an older bunch.
  12. by   Brandon B
    Pay down debt and start stockpiling cash. You should be able to work PT if needed in school. If we want it bad enough we will find way, but don't let age stop you!
  13. by   sgc29
    That probably is going to be my life to you once I get into nursing school. I plan on starting my pre-recs at the very latest by fall of next year, which I'll easily be able to do while still working full-time. I'm starting to save up as much as I possibly can right now as well. Only thing that worries me is just being able to make my bills and support myself while in nursing school and doing clinicals (I'm completely on my own and single). But somehow, I know it's possible. Just have to figure it out.
  14. by   carrienoka
    I am 35 and just went back for LPN to RN, graduated in May. I worked more than full time (ft plus 2 per diems) and managed it. For me, I found an overnight job with a lot of downtime and then was able to study at work. You may be able to find a HHA job overnight or a sitter position that would allow you to do some studying. One thing you need to do is just let go of things that do not concern you that other people put on your plate. It may seem like its hard to do, but you have to put yourself first for a period and really structure and be in charge of your time. Anything that someone can do to help you, just let them....don't be making dinner for a spouse etc, it is time for them to step up. I don't have a lot of outside obligations, so it was easy for me to just focus on myself. But, start your prereqs because time will pass anyways. While you do that try to get into a position like I mentioned where you are able to be paid and get some studying done. Also figure out what works for you in terms of studying and how you learn while you take them. For me, I stayed away from study groups even though I think others thought I never studied because I don't learn best in a group. I rewrote my notes, organized information in a way that made sense to me and tbh didn't have to spend a lot of time studying because I knew what worked for me. I probably was way less close than everyone else in our class, but oh well. It is totally do-able. Somehow I managed to be the class valedictorian! You can do it, don't let your age or needing to work stop you! If you have to, find a part time program. Most people in my class were working full time.