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After reading Nilepoc's blog, I was curious about a certain "Oklahoma incident" he was referring to. I hadn't heard anything about it, and I live in Oklahoma. Can anyone tell me what he is referring to? Here is the reference from Nilepoc's blog:

"I can also say that the Oklahoma incident did nothing to help the state of insurance being offered to CRNAs. The man speaking pretty much said that the Oklahoma incident made his company pull out of insuring CRNAs, and that it will drastically restructure the landscape of CRNA insurance. It is unfortunate that one incident can have such an impact."

Thanks for any input anyone can give me. I'm just curious. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and work at one of the largest hospitals in the entire state. I was wondering if the "incident" could have possibly occurred where I work. Of course I don't know what the incident was, but I'm guessing it was a major CRNA screw up??


I think he was referring to OKC/Norman area where hepatitis was spread by reusing needle in OR


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Here is a link to a blurb about the incident. I know it was discussed here, but I am unable to find it.


The fails to mention that the nurse is a CRNA. It was an isolated incident. Of note, is that Oklahoma is a full supervision state, and as such the MD is as culpable as the CRNA. From what I underrstand the MDA is now practicing restriction free in Texas.

The Oklahoma incedent is causing a restructuring in the way insurance is settled. Prior to this, there was no cap on the number of claims in a calendar year. It just was not considered that so many claims could arise out of one practitioner.

It should be remembered, that this incident is only the fault of the practitioner, not the credentialling of said practitioners.


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I remember it being in the news here. He worked at Norman Regional.


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I am pretty sure he was doing pain management. He was using the same syringe to administer medication through a port. He was not injecting IM meds (this is what I understand). The Oklahoma Board of nurses has revoked his license and he has made the statement he will not pursure reinstatment in the future.

I am sure this has been a big black eye on the CRNA profession. I do however hope they do not hold the supervising physician responsible. I believe if they do, it hurts CRNA's on the pursuit for more autonomy. Just my thoughts.


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Oh, I see. Thanks for all the info. I think I had heard something about this but I didn't realize it was here in Oklahoma! Well, at least it was Norman and not Tulsa! It's too bad it had to happen at all.

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