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OHSU Accelerated Bachelors to Masters Summer 2017 Cohort


Hey guys! I wasn't able to find a thread for students applying for the June 2017 start so I decided to Start one.

I thought it might be nice to hear from other prospective students going through the process. I submitted my application the first week of November and while I don't want to wish the holiday season away I'm already impatient to hear something back. ;)

Hi! I also applied for the summer start ABSN to masters as well as the accelerated bachelors program! I am anxiously waiting as well! I have been searching for a thread for this program, I am glad that you decided to start one! :)

Hi Neilson94! Have you received any emails or anything regarding your app? Realistically I know we have at least another month to wait to hear something but I'm impatient. ☺️

I applied for the ABSN to PMHNP program as well. Completed my application in November. Have not heard anything. Interviews are supposed to be 2/7-8 so if I don't hear anything in the next couple of weeks I will assume I didn't get in. Good luck to you all!!!

I received an email about an hour ago stating that it takes 2-3 weeks to process the applications. So I'm guessing people should start hearing things back the week of January 23rd, maybe?

I also received an email back in December with a pin to access the student information system. I contacted OHSU about it and they were very vague and told me to disregard the email. Did anyone else get an email like that?

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You shouldn't get a SISWeb account until after you've been accepted. If the application cycle just ended it's gonna be a while before you get your interview date.

That's what I thought too and yet, I'm able to sign into SIS. I was more curious if it was a glitch.

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These will be the longest couple of weeks... I am very impatient to hear back. Good luck to you all!

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I have applied to both the ABSN and the ABSN to MSN in midwifery. I was surprised to see the interview dates on the website for nurse-midwifery taking place on January 19 and 20, and Febuary 2 and 3. This is going to be a long winter term. Good luck to everyone! I hope we can update this thread with news as the process moves along.

I applied to the ABSN summer 2017 cohort, but have not heard anything from Admissions. Probably we will be hearing something at the end of this month.

Hi everyone! I applied to both the ABSN and the acc bacc to FNP program as well, so I wanted to hop on this chain. Looks like people began to hear about interviews around this time last year, but they had earlier interview dates as well. Good luck to everyone as we await our news!

Hi All! I applied to the Accelerated BS in Nursing MN/DNP to PMHNP. Did anyone else apply to the PMHNP specialty? All I've heard from the program is an email I received today stating one of my transcripts was entered incorrectly, so I fixed it immediately and re-submitted my application. Other than that nothing else, staying hopeful as I'm sure we'll hear something soon :-)

Has anyone heard anything yet?:)

I have not heard anything as of yet :(

I am wondering if things will be postponed due to all the snow/ice days PDX is having...

I just called the admissions office to check in to see if there was a delay due to the weather. The secretary in the office and she said they have not heard any updates from the accelerate bachelors to midwifery review committee yet.

My anxiety really sets in when I am not given exact dates when I should hear back... so this isn't fun!

The waiting is terrible! I just emailed to see if they had approximate days we will know by for the Family Nurse Practitioner program as well as the Accelerated BSN program. No reply as of now...

UPDATE: admissions told me that interview invitations will be sent out for the Accelerated BSN to FNP program will be sent out in a week or two (so unspecific) and the accelerated BSN should go out in mid February.

Thanks for doing that digging!