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Who has done these? I'm planning on doing the anthropology one on Christmas break to meet the cross cultural requirement. Any info on it? How hard is it to do?... Read More

  1. by   enuf_already
    Quote from woodsyny
    "Why' do you need to take ethics? I didn't have to take it?
    Many of us who have been in the program before they changed it and reduced the nursing classes from 12 to 9 still have Ethics--a philosophy class-as a requirement. I took it fall/winter semester. It wasn't difficult but assignments were posted in 2 parts so you couldn't get everything done in a day or two. I did not feel the class was hard, but others did. It is a different way of thinking. It would definitely be doable with a comp class over the summer.
  2. by   luv2shopp85
    How long are the classes that are not the 10 day intersession? I tried looking up the music or ethics class. I found the music class being listed as in the summer but it doesn't give me dates for when it beings and ends.

    What kind of work do you have to do for the non 10 day intersession classes? Specifically the ethics or music class? I want to be able to enjoy my summer adn not be bombarded with school work and stressed out! Is there discussion boards each week? Tests? Projects?
  3. by   woodsyny
    The classes I believe will be in 4 week sessions. I contacted the registrar about the 10 day intercessions and they are no more I guess. She said the summer schedule will be posted in April so I guess that is when we find out. I want to take music and heard it isn't bad.
  4. by   luv2shopp85
    When I look at the Western Oklahoma university website and click on online classes, then go to spring classes (4 wk) - I don't see music or philosophy available in any of the semesters. That makes me a litlte nervous to have to wait until April to find out if those classes will be available in the summer.
  5. by   msteeleart
    Go to the link under the picture of the guy at the computer on their class schedule page. It says to click here to search the schedule and don't forgot to change the semester from spring to summer like I always do. I would put the direct link but I don't think I am allowed to do that on here.
  6. by   woodsyny
    WOSU contacted me and they are adding a a music class the 4th 4 week session which is in April to May FYI
  7. by   Simply Complicated
    Wait, you mean they are not doing any intercession anymore?
  8. by   woodsyny
    The registrar told me they will have intercession but no more 10 day intercessions. She said they haven't decided how long it will be.