NRSE 414 Cultural Diversity - page 21

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  1. by   michelemybell
    Sounds like we were all given various instructions......wth???
  2. by   mtsteelhorse
    WTH is right! I want my grades!!!
  3. by   NBanasz1
    Quote from mtsteelhorse
    WTH is right! I want my grades!!!
    I agree, I am getting more nervous waiting
  4. by   PeanutButterJelly
    I received all my grades back Tuesday morning. I got 100 on both assignments and discussion! I noticed at the bottom of the CCHPA assignment it says "resubmissions are allowed". So hopefully if some of you don't like your grade, you can resubmit it. I agree with the lack of information that is being given on this class. I am just hoping I don't get a point or two taken off over this date issue on the discussion. I am going to be really annoyed if I spend all this time writing up my post and responding to two others just to get dinged on the APA. I didn't even start the assignment for week two yet. I know I'll be stressing over this since they didn't state how much information they wanted for each catagory on the ethnic group assignment.
  5. by   cincinursemary
    Quote from PeanutButterJelly
    Where did you get the date at?
    Gee, now I can't find it. I see one for 2011.
    Do you know about
    I put in the web site address and it put out the citation. But I'm not sure where I got 2008. Maybe it was wrong, wouldn't be the first time.
  6. by   cincinursemary
    Quote from NBanasz1
    Wow I'm scared, I know that I didn't end up following AP format because I couldn't get Word to cooperate with the Genogram, I'm sure I will get marked down for that. I have grades for DB and Assignment #1 so far, thats it.
    I still only have a grade for DB. But I'm sweating bullets about Assignments . Hate the waiting too.
  7. by   cincinursemary
    Great news on your grades. You're off to a great start.
  8. by   rninme
    No grades posted at all for my section. I hate waiting! Mod 2 assignment at a standstill until I have Mod 1 grades back. Did i mention that I hate waiting??
  9. by   evieinco
    No grades for me either! Just waiting and waiting.
  10. by   SoundRN7
    Just checked and I have all grades for Mod 1. Missed a point on the CCHPA paper because I did not put a citation directly after the "pasted in" info. Otherwise everything is good on the rest of the assignment, the other assignment, and the DB. One week down and graded, woohoo!
    So far for week two, I have watched the videos, viewed the instructor lecture, read the articles, and posted to the DB. I am attempting to work on the assignment but I am not sure if we are supposed to enter the information in a paragraph format for each area of ethnic data, or in a list format. Besides that, the assignment is really very straight forward.
  11. by   cincinursemary
    Good for you modgoth1. I't's just about bed time and I still don't have grades......
    !#@%%$# ............. I guess she has till midnight.
  12. by   Simply Complicated
    I got 100% for module 1. I think I just tend to be pretty thorough maybe when I'm answering the questions, as I got a comment saying great job, all topics covered or something of the sort. Definitely starting off better than I did for Transitions, as I got like an 82 on module 1 in that class. I made a few mistakes. She said I did a "great job" on my genogram, lol. I thought it sucked, but ok.
  13. by   NBanasz1
    I just joined this site this week and I am so glad I did. Still sucks having to wait for the grades but I am glad that I have all of you to wait with.