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Starting this family nursing course in January and from what I hear this is going to be a hard course. I am looking for the support of my fellow class mates, or any hints from those who have... Read More

  1. by   ShadowAngelRN
    My final paper grade appeared this AM when I got up @ 0500...Thankfully all 50 points awarded. Good Luck to everyone still waiting!!! Disappointed about ridiculously stringent grammar, English & APA formatting comments & grading? That's putting it mildly! I thought I was doing this for a NURSING degree- apparently I am mistaken. What I'm REALLY doing this for is an APA/English degree!!! Seems to be the case in all nursing classes...
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  2. by   AlwaysAspiring4More
    I agree with you 100%. The most frustrating part is the work turned in has been acceptable up until now. In one week my grade went from a 98-94. Since then I have been hanging on to keep an A. Every paper I turn in gets picked to death on grammar and APA. These papers would be 100% in any other course. I put hours into research and content and that means little. I have not received my grades yet but am holding my breath. I have one last course and I'm done with OU. I will not even consider this school for Grad-School. Too much inconsistency.
  3. by   AlwaysAspiring4More
    I did the same thing following the T/A's post. I had better not lose points over this. Did you get your grade back yet?
  4. by   houseboatnurse
    Anyone else not received grades yet?
  5. by   radmom
    nope. still no grades
  6. by   DidiRN
    Quote from radmom
    nope. still no grades
    I'm still waiting too <sigh>
  7. by   houseboatnurse
    got an announcement that TA was behind on grading and grades would probably be posted tomorrow.
  8. by   clevelin
    I know most of you took 4530 last semester, but if anyone sees this: I am taking 4530 summer semester and I am confused about the therapeutic paper. Are we supposed to put the nursing diagnoses, interventions, etc... in the letter? That doesn't seem very "conversational" to me. And how do we do it at a 5th or 6th grade level? Thanks for any help you might offer. BTW: I have taken 4510, 4520, 4540, 4560, 4570, Stats, PRCM, and Music, if anybody has any questions about those classes.
  9. by   NBanasz1
    Yes I put the nursing interventions and diagnosis in the letter and then just figured the reading level without those elements. Seem to remember I didn't get a great grade on my letter but I wasn't docked for putting the diagnosis in, and still got an A overall. Good luck, I think that this was an annoying class, not the hardest though.