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  1. Hello-
    I'm entering the Owens Community College LPN program in Findlay in January. Does anyone know anything about the program? Graduated from it or anything?
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  3. by   mpauley
    I graduated Owens LPN program DEC 2007 , passed boards in march 2008,but still can not find a job in tiffin . owens has a very good program, you will learn alot there
  4. by   HeatherLPN
    I graduated from there in 2005. I think it's a good program. The main instructor when I was there was a little, um, too intense on the things she specialized in, but I guess you have to kind of expect that. She was really tough on us, but in the long run, that's to your benefit.

    mpauley, have you looked for jobs in Fostoria or Findlay? From my experience, Tiffin didn't have alot to offer in way of LPN jobs, and it seems hard to get into the hospital there.
  5. by   mpauley
    Heather, I have applied to a few places in Findlay and Fostoria ,but still no luck, I am currently still in school at Owens finishing up classes for LPN to RN program but still need to do the clinical part of program. school is out in a week so i will be able to devote more time to finding a job.
  6. by   tjstrong
    They have lost their accreditation, I am in the RN program and was not notified. Just found out yesterday from people NOT associated with the school. I'm having trouble even getting a meeting with a councilor to find out how this will effect my graduation or transfer options. TJ
  7. by   ashcip
    I hadn't heard that. Thats interesting. When did this happen do you know?
  8. by   tjstrong
    I just found out at dinner last night from a woman who is an RN at a local hospital. Apparently they only had conditional accreditation to begin with(though they told me they were FULLY accredited) and now THAT has been pulled. I found a brief story online from the Findley paper, a news release that the dean was holding a public forum...on Oct 9th...I'm out this semester but was supposed to start clinical's in Jan. I monitor my school e-mail acct, but there was NO notice given, no story in "Campus News". State accreditation is still in place but transfer is bound to be problematic. TJ
  9. by   ashcip
    Thats weird. I graduated from the LPN program in December of 08. Loved the program it had ups and downs. But my graduating class all passed their NCLEX. as well as the semester before us. I wonder what happened. Good to know for others though. Could really effect their program for sure.
  10. by   tjstrong
    Apparently it has to do with the lack of Nursing degrees of those on the teaching staff, and the lack of Secondary degrees that include nursing majors. There was also some mention of post graduation employment percentages. I'm still trying to find details. I came here for this program because they said they could get me in/out faster at less cost, I could have gone to Baylor, UCSF or Duke but came here.....not a happy guy this day. I already had several contracts lined up for post graduation as a traveling nurse. TJ
  11. by   smalltowngirl82
    Yes, Owens lost accreditation. I almost went there and am now very thankful I didn't. I graduated from Rhodes in Lima June 09. The program is tough but they have a very high NCLEX pass rate. The wait to actually get into the clinical program was two years last I heard.
    Sorry to all of the students in the program at Owens. My heart goes out to you.
  12. by   peytonsmom
    I was just reading that article. I was taking my pre-reqs at owens and then decided to transfer to Mercy this semester for my actual nursing classes and no i'm REALLY glad I did! I can only imagine how furious all of those students are.
  13. by   medicrnohio
    I just saw this news in the Toledo Blade online. I'm sorry for all of you that were enrolled at Owens in the nursing program. I wish you luck as you move on and try to figure out what steps to take next.
  14. by   gonagoback
    I am currently at Owens and yes it is a couple years later and the RN program is not yet fully "Nationally Accredited" as of yet. However, according to their website, the RN program is regionally accredited and there are many institutions that are accepting their RN degrees. If you can pass the NCLEX thats really what matters. I know some ppl who have recently graduated from there with RN degrees and they had no problems finding jobs. I didnt hesitate going there and would recommend owens to anyone.