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Hi everyone, just trying to get some posts goin on in our OHio chat room, im from cincy and i want to be a travel nurse eventually...i also want to specialize in pediatrics maybe become an NP... Read More

  1. by   laura.lynn_rn
    Columbus, Ohio here, graduated from Hocking College. LPN 02-04 RN 04- current. (Stepdown/Tele) Travelled in OH, SC, and DC- came back home. Getting ready to start on CCU next week! Wish me luck!
  2. by   travelingnursetobe
    I start nursing school, in Cleveland, in August. Just wanted to say hello to my fellow Buckeyes!

    I am changing careers, I'm excited! Can I dare ask this question? Any of you considered being a doctor? I ask b/c I meet many nurses who say they were once pre-med. I never even thought of being a doctor (maybe 'cause this is my 2nd career). Working in a healthcare institution, everyone is very supportive, but of course the doc's say "if you're going to do all that work and become a NP, why don't you just be a doctor?" Ok, we all understand the difference, but I am interested in hearing nurse opinions on this, especially those who were once pre-med.
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  3. by   travelingnursetobe
    Renee, congrats on CWRU. I went to Weatherhead, got my MNO. I have friends that went to the CWRU accelerated DNP program, they loved it. I chose not to go there b/c I have enough loans from that school already.
    Good Luck and take Care!
  4. by   sassy7cassy
    I'm from the Canton area, now I'm in Columbus, as I go to OSU. After I graduate with my non-nursing degree, I'm going to hop on over to CSCC's RN program. Oh, I want to be a critical care nurse, specifically coronary care.
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  5. by   NrsJena
    Sassy7Cassy- I'm in Louisville. Nice to meet a neighbor. I'm an LPN, currently doing Skilled Homecare.Hav epreviously done woundcare, LTC/SNF and Admissions (YUCK!!) Heading back to school this summer to start pre-reqs for RN bridge at Stark State. Not sure where the road will take me from there...
  6. by   charebec65
    hey spooky. i am currently in the oaks lpn program at laurel in wilmington and am set to graduate in august 06. you should be finished by now. their nclex pass rate is pretty high. have you taken it yet? any luck on finding an adn program that doesn't require 1000 working hours?

    i'm on a couple different waiting lists for adn programs but decided i'm way too old to wait so long just to start which is why i decided on the lpn to rn route. also, i can work as a nurse while in school (though at a much slower pace).

    as to an answer to the original question..... i'm between dayton and cincinnati (near kings island) and can't really make up my mind as to where i want to end up. i love surgery and l&d. on the other hand, being a careflight nurse would be awesome too. one of the beauties of nursing is that you have so many choices...

    Quote from spooky64
    i'm almost half done with the lpn program at scarlet oaks. i'm gettin' really antsy about finding a school to go to after i graduate. its 10 months away, but i'm trying to get my ducks in a row so i can get in as soon as possible. i haven't found a program yet that doesn't require at least 1000 hours of lpn experience before continuing on in the rn program it looks like it will be at least a year before i can continue on. oh well, i'll bet my daughter might enjoy the extra attention during my year off from school. how are things at msj?
  7. by   sassy7cassy
    Jena, good luck at Stark State! I'm from up the road in Minerva! My mom went to the now-gone Massillon nursing school through of course Massillon Community Hosp. I forget her credentials (either oldest critical care nurse at the time she was still registered or the first critical care nurse in our part of Ohio, I forget), but she's my inspiration for the nursing deal, since that's what I lived/breathed through childhood. She worked at Aultman with Cardiology Associates for a long, long time, then was at Staff Builders for awhile doing homecare. At her time of retirement she was in the electrophysiology lab @ Mercy.

    What kind of nursing are you interested in?
  8. by   NrsJena
    Thanks! I'm excited-and nervous. School is not so easy with kids, a husband and a job! Anyway- I'm doing skilled homecare now. (travel all over Canton and Massillon) Love it. Make my own schedule and can be home for the kids in the morning and after school. I use to do woundcare and floor nursing for a SNF/LTC- worked as Admissions Coordinator for awhile before I ran fast and far! (Talk about a thankless position....Found out I enjoy patient care better than anything else.

    How about you?
  9. by   sassy7cassy
    As of now I'm interested in doing what my mom did -- coronary care. It's what I grew up with. I was so weird in high school. I would read her books on cardiology and watch her procedural videos like it was MY job.

    Maybe my passion will change as I actually get into nursing school, but who knows!

    Ugh @ me for messing around with this international relations and diplomacy degree from OSU. I'm interested in it and it's a very important subject in daily life, but it's not my passion. I should have done nursing from the get-go. Dummy me. I'm going stir-crazy waiting to start with the RN program!

    Props to you for juggling a family, job, and school! I can't imagine that. It's hard enough for me with 2 jobs and full-time school, but I just have to worry about ME. I don't have to cook dinner for a crowd every night/do laundry for a family/pack lunches/clean a house, etc. I respect what you're doing!!!

    I'm trying to get my RN schooling squared away ASAP before marriage comes into the picture. I need to HURRY and get into the program (hopefully with a year, year and a half TOPS from my first time applying). It's only 7 quarters long. I want to get into the workforce before wedding bells ring so I can knock down my debt and start saving for a wedding, house, etc. Boyfriend and I are talking about marriage after he's done with med school, which will either be in 2010 or 2011, depending on if he just gets an MD or an MD/MPH or MHA. If I'm not through the program by then my head might explode.

    I'm also contemplating NP or PA options later.....but first things first!
  10. by   scallihan
    Hi everyone LPN student here in Oxford, OH. Planning to work for a year and then work on my RN.
  11. by   DR2004RN
    Hello, everyone. Northwest Ohio RN here. I have been a nurse for almost 2 years and work med/surg oncology at a large hospital in Toledo, Ohio
  12. by   dotty865
    Hi Everyone LPN in long term care facility for 21 years Willard ... huron county
  13. by   davioh
    Im a nursing student at a distance learning college. I hope to finish this summer and work night shifts at the er.