OHIO Nurses what part of Ohio are you from and what kind of nurse are you/will you be - page 7

Hi everyone, just trying to get some posts goin on in our OHio chat room, im from cincy and i want to be a travel nurse eventually...i also want to specialize in pediatrics maybe become an NP... Read More

  1. by   nathan777
    Ohio Valley

    I am an LPN who works in a children's psychiatric hospital. Kind of new to nursing.
  2. by   Rose_RN,MSN
    Hello. I am in Marietta...southeast Ohio, near West Virginia...I currently am a RN Coordinator/educator in a LTC/Skilled facility...and a Clinical Nursing Instructor at a local ADN program!!! I also just recently finished my MSN!!!
  3. by   Rose_RN,MSN
    Where in Southeast Ohio do you live????
  4. by   Rose_RN,MSN
    Not Portsmouth...but not far from...I'm in Marietta!!
  5. by   MirandaNICURN
    I am a former traveler, always worked NICU, currently in Columbus OH!
  6. by   GrnHonu99
    Quote from MirandaNICURN
    I am a former traveler, always worked NICU, currently in Columbus OH!

    Hi guys I am currently living in cincinnati but am moving back to columbus after i graduate from NS.

    I did my undergrad at OSU (grad 04) so im familiar with the area and hospitals but for those of you who actually work in columbus, i was wondering what you thought of your work environment.

    Miranda, do you work in the NICU at OSU? if you do, how do you like it? What are you impressions of the staff (professionality, supportiveness, etc). Im pretty set on working for OSU since I can take classes for free, well up to 10 hours. That is, unless I decide peds is for me....Ive toured most of OSU hospital when I went to the nursing convention they had but im more interested in what kind of work environment in general they have there (tyring not to end up in one of those toxic work environments), even if it is just a personal impression/experience.

    I am thinking about doing an internship in the NICU...so any advice would be appreciated

  7. by   Nursie2k6`
    Hi I am in Cleveland Ohio and I am an LPN who works in Thoracic Surgery/ Telemetry
  8. by   futurepeds
    Hello everyone! I am in Columbus, Ohio. I am hoping to get into the nursing program at Columbus State in fall of 06.

  9. by   niecy
    hi im a ma cpt im in ne ohio border of pa ill be attending kent state branch in may for pre reqs full time summer fall and spring scared to death
  10. by   acrowlpc
    Port Clinton here. Nursing student. Almost done with prerequisites. Taking five classes right now.
  11. by   katonialynn
    I am in COlumbus and hope to start at Columbus State this fall!
  12. by   Cynthia_S
    Hello everyone!!!

    I'm a critical care RN for over 10 years now. Currently, MSN student at Kent State for Adult Nurse Practitioner.....2008 cannot come soon enough!!
  13. by   bladensburg,OHrn
    Hello fom central Ohio - Mount Vernon area. Graduated from Ohio University. I've been working on Med-Surg unit for 15 years, and loving it.