Ohio License by Endorsement

  1. I'm endorsing from MA to an OH RN license. Does anyone have any experience with the Ohio Board of Nursing/any idea how long this process usually takes? I was offered a job but can't start until my OH license processes. Any ideas on timeline would be appreciated!
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  3. by   Purp08
    I'm from out of state as well and I applied for my Ohio license about 5 weeks ago and my status is still pending.
  4. by   MARN8
    Thanks for the info. I figured it would take several weeks, hopefully you will hear from them soon.

    Did you do the criminal background check at a Webcheck location in Ohio or request fingerprint cards? I'm from out of state but will be in Ohio this weekend and am trying to figure out if doing the fingerprints at a Webcheck will be faster than waiting for the fingerprint cards at home.
  5. by   Purp08
    You're welcome and I did go to a webcheck location in Ohio because I thought the fingerprint cards would take too long also.
  6. by   MARN8
    Hi Purp08 - did you ever get your license or is it still pending? Mine is now pending on the website and when I spoke to someone at the ohio board of nursing they told me it takes about 4 weeks once it's on the website, but I wanted to see how long it takes in real time!
  7. by   Purp08
    Hi, It is still pending I will call the Ohio BON tomorrow to see what is going on and let you know what they day.
  8. by   AgentBeast
    It's the time of year when there are a ton of new grad applications so the licensing department is swamped in applications. Good luck getting through if you do end up calling. Sometimes if you call another department they'll put you through to an actual person in the licensing department.
  9. by   MARN8
    My license is on the website! It took about 2 weeks from the date I mailed everything in to show up. Purp08 - I would definitely call the office. I was able to talk to someone in person several times, and I think that pushed me along. I just called (614) 995-7675 over and over until someone picked up.
  10. by   Purp08
    My license just came in the mail today! You are right calling probably speed yours up because mines took about 6 weeks from the date I mailed it in. Good luck to you on your new job!
  11. by   jamona851
    For the girls that applied for licensure by endorsement, did you have to do the CEs?? Is this a requirement for all applicants, even new nurses? Also, are any of the CEs on the list ok to take as long as it equals at least 2 hours?
  12. by   MARN8
    Yes, I did the CEs, and I think it's a requirement for all applications for endorsement. I believe any of the CEs on the list are OK. I mailed copies of my certificates with my packet.
  13. by   jamona851
    My application posted on the website July 5th and I am still waiting no one ever answers the phone
  14. by   Katbabyy
    Hello! I am trying to get an Ohio license and I am getting confused with all the steps I have to take. There is one part of the application that needs to be filled out by your board of nursing and sent directly to the Ohio board of nursing, correct? So did you just mail it to your board of nursing or did you contact them via mail or phone to see what you have to do to get that part filled out and sent to Ohio. Also, I tried emailing about the fingerprint cards and have not received any response about getting them. Did that take awhile to be sent to you?