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I am an LPN. I just moved to Ohio from Kentucky. I am totally shocked at the difference in the practice of care that an LPN can give in Ohio verses KY. There is so much more an LPN can do in KY than... Read More

  1. by   Queen_gee
    Oh thanks but i was taking about Rio Grande nursing test.
  2. by   actioncat
    Hocking technical College is another one that I have heard has a good LPN to RN program. It is in Nelsonville.
  3. by   LA_StudentNurse
    Quote from griffincrew
    Have you thought about distance learning at Excelsior.
    Buyer beware. Excelsior is not accepted in all states--that is, if you receive your degree from Excelsior, you may not be able to practice in all states. More and more states are following GA, CA, etc. example with Excelsior or its grads. In CA, Excelsior was given the boot..but Indiana State Univ took its place because it requires proctored clinical rotations with the lecture classees.

    Of course, there are always brick and mortor programs for LPN-->RN (APN or BSN).

    Stay warm and safe
  4. by   EMR*LPN
    There is a program in the Akron area, Cuyahoga Falls Institute of Technology. It is an LPN to RN bridge program, 15 months in length, and ALL of the pre-reqs are included in the curriculum. I toured the school. All of your classes are in one building. Financial aid is available. It is rather pricey-round $22,000 for the entire course. There is a similar program in the Tampa, FL area as well.
    I worked with a guy in VA in Dec. 09 who was laid off from Ford after 11 years. He entered a program in Norfolk, VA-NO nursing background and will finish with his ADN in 15 months, his wife is in the same program he is in.
  5. by   kainu2
    Hi, Rets was mentioned, I recommend anything But Rets, their focus is Solely getting the heard in the door, after that it's coparable to
    , say, making the voyage on a slave ship.. But, you can start tomorrow...
  6. by   mjm1979
    Dysmnesia1, Did you complete Rio's program? I'm thinking about starting there next fall (2011). I'd like any info you can give me. Was it doable with working and family? Were the transition courses difficult?